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What types of train accident victims do you represent?

We represent victims of all types of train accidents, including crashes, derailments, collisions between trains and other vehicles, and vehicle and other accidents caused by spills from a crashed train.

Train accidents can range in seriousness and involve multiple parties. Sometimes, the accident involves a single train car and injures passengers on board or people surrounding the train. In other cases, a vehicle and a train may collide at a railroad crossing, or a train might strike a pedestrian at a crossing. Sometimes multiple vehicles are involved in addition to the train passengers, rail cars tumble onto roadways, or cars spill hazardous materials near neighborhoods causing car crashes or other accidents. At Montlick, we handle it all.

In any instance, due to the sheer size of the train cars, the injuries to those on board or otherwise involved can be severe or even fatal.

We represent those injured in any type of train accident, including:

  • Collisions between trains
  • Collisions between trains and other vehicles at crossings
  • Trains striking pedestrians at crossings or along rail tracks
  • Derailments, which can also involve accidents with other vehicles and/or spills.
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