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Savannah, Georgia Wrongful Death Attorneys

After a Wrongful Death, the Right Representation Means Everything

We know that considering a wrongful death legal claim after the loss of a loved one is likely the furthest thing from your mind after tragedy.

However, the Savannah, Georgia judicial system does allow for family of the deceased to pursue justice in the form of financial compensation on behalf of their loved ones. It is key to remember that due to strict legal time deadlines, your right to pursue a wrongful death claim in Savannah is limited. We know you have more important things to deal with than legal time deadlines.

That’s why our compassionate attorneys handle all aspects of your case for you and ensure that your legal rights are protected so that you can concentrate on yourself and your family during this difficult time.


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Miss Powell over there at Montlick & Associates are amazing. And will always remember that if I need an attorney You are the one for me, again thank you for handling my case and getting me the justice I deserve, for what happened to me and what’s more amazing is you did it, in less than a year. Thank you and take care Attorney Miss Cate Powell,
I would like to thank Miss Paula Malano for assisting me with my case. She’s very professional,, and very caring for her clients. I would definitely recommend to anyone with legal issues to seek ( Montlic& Associates) for the best legal representation. Thanks again Miss Paula Malano.
Doing a review from friends phone.This is Danijel V.With that out of the way..Nives Juric is simply amazing. After my case was completed I walked her what is the maximum amount of stars I can leave her because being limited to only 5 does not seem to do her any justice.Professional, kind, caring, fast to respond to any questions or concerns one may have is just tip of the iceberg of what kind of service I personally have received from Nives Juric and her team Krystal.The amount of tenacity and effort that went into my case is unparalleled and comparable to none in a good way.Mrs.Juric is a phenomenal human being and a lawyer.Thank you for all the hard work and dedication I sincerely appreciate it.
Thank you! Ellis Liu
Good Day Ms. Claudia Turner and Ms. Kim Jacobsen. Your team worked to assist me with my accident. I thank GOD that it gives a person like you who look out for people like me. I truly found my Angel. I will tell everyone if they need someone in their corner MONTLICK & ASSOCIATES you can trust to go the extra mile.Thank you again Ms. Claudia TurnerA Very, Very Greatful Client.Vanetta C. Stockfisch
Attorney Jason Saltzman and his assistant Kris Brown did an exceptional job working my case. From beginning to end they were very caring about my injuries and concerns. They responded to all my calls, text and emails in a timely fashion and never seem to have an issue with all my questions, and I had many. Because of their obvious honesty, I decided that I could trust them to handle my business and decided to utilize patience. Although there were times that I wondered what was going on, was convinced that they had my best interest in mind. Kris made sure that she requested any and all documents and information they needed and followed up with me if needed. I would recommend this team at Motlick and Associates to anyone who may find themself in a situation like mine and have to endure the pain, suffering and injuries that I endured. At the end of the day I believe they did the best they could on my behalf. Although I am still experiencing the after effects of my surgery. I fell a since of relief from the outcome my team was able to achieve. Thank you Attorney Saltzman and Kris Brown.
Attorney Jennifer Fleming and her Assistant, Joy Herrington were beyond amazing! They were both very professional and patient. As well, no gaps in communication (major plus for me) and my case received above my expectations. Thank you team for educating me through the process and all you did to help my case.
I had the pleasure of working with Ellen Forrester when I tell you she fought tooth and nail for me she did just that! The insurance company was not willing to pay a dime for my injuries but Ms. Forrester was not only persistent and knowledgeable she was on top of her game. Thanks to her and her team I was able to win my case.
Paula Molano was my attorney and I must say she did an amazing job with my case. She kept me informed on everything and any questions I had she answered. Very amazing attorney shes the best in my eyes. Thanks for everything
My first experience with Montlick I have no complaints. My lawyer Nick stayed on top of everything with the best advice, keeping in touch with me via text, email or phone call even if it was just checking on me to see how I was doing. He thoroughly explained everything to me and left no questions unanswered. I would definitely recommend montlick to my family and friends anyday. Thanks again Nick for all your hard work with my case.
Montlick Injury Attorneys (Scott M. Patterson) and Staff (Sarah / Tamia) were very professional, thoughtful, caring, transparent, and work extremely hard to reach the best injury settlement outcome for our case. Thank you!
Incredible service! Mr. Ellis Lui went over and beyond what I expected with a trying DUI case. Thank You again!
Caring, professional and thorough. They go above and beyond to make sure your well being is taken care of first. Both Douglas and Gia are a team that cannot be matched by any other firm. They call you within the first week to let you know they take their job very serious without any form of arrogance. Thank you for representing me and my child! I'm a client for life!

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Wrongful Death Claim Lawyers for Savannah

Our Expertise Is Your Path Forward 

When someone you love dies because of the wrongdoing of a someone else, it can mean the loss of love, companionship, guidance and financial support. Although a wrongful death claim cannot give you back the love of a spouse or the guidance of a parent, it can provide financial compensation to hold the responsible party accountable and provide financial security for one’s family.

Because our Savannah wrongful death accident attorneys have effectively represented those whose lives are taken by the dangerous conduct of others, we are qualified to provide legal representation in a vast array of wrongful death claims including all types of car crashes, auto accidents caused by drunk or intoxicated drivers, collisions involving commercial trucks (big-rigs, semis, 18wheelers and more), heavy machinery accidents, workplace accidents, defective products, criminal attacks, fatal industrial accidents such as explosions and exposure to toxic substances, unsafe products, slip and fall accidents and more.


What You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Actions & Survival Claims

We Work to Make Your Life Easier During This Difficult Time

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If your loved one is the victim of accidental or intentional actions of an individual, business, public entity or other that results in fatal injuries, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death action. This will typically consist of two distinct legal claims. The two claims generally are brought together in a wrongful death action include a survival claim and a wrongful death claim.

What is a Survival Claim?

The action designated as a “survival claim” is essentially a recognition that an accident victim has rights to recovery even after their death. The purpose of the survival claim is to provide compensation to an injury victim that the victim would have been entitled to had he or she survived.

A survival action is brought by the personal representative of the estate. Damages that may be available in a survival action include pre-death pain and suffering (presuming death was not instantaneous), pre-death loss of enjoyment of life experience as well as pre-death economic loss including lost income and medical costs.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death claims are brought on behalf of the deceased’s family by the personal representative of the estate. A wrongful death claim is designed to compensate the family of a wrongful death accident victim for their personal loss resulting from the death of a loved one. Family members may seek compensation for both economic and non-economic loss. Economic losses that may be compensated include loss of financial support, inheritance, services and funeral/burial costs.

Family members may also seek compensation for non-economic loss including mental distress, loss of emotional support and guidance and loss of consortium (i.e. companionship and services).

Giving Grieving Families a Voice

Our experienced Savannah wrongful death attorneys at Montlick have been representing the families of those whose lives are cut short because of negligent, reckless and intentional misconduct since 1984.

Because we have been handling Savannah wrongful death claims for decades, we are intimately familiar with the tactics and strategies that insurance carriers use to avoid liability in wrongful death actions. It is a common strategy of insurance carriers to promptly initiate an investigation seeking to shift the blame to the victim of the wrongful act.

Our dedicated Savannah wrongful death lawyers understand the importance of conducting a careful and appropriate investigation to prevent the at-fault party from  victimizing your family a second time. We are committed to providing a voice on behalf of our wrongful death clients and their families.

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Another lawyer told me I don’t have a case. What should I do?
We always recommend that if a lawyer rejects your personal injurycase, that you should seek a second opinion about your claim from a trusted personal injury lawyer.
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Why are strangers contacting me after my accident?
Case soliciting goes by many names, however, whether you refer to it as barratry, ambulance chasing, capping, steering, or case running–this act is illegal and a sign of an unethical lawyer.
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How do you prove a TBI claim?
Our personal injury attorneys may use a variety of tactics to demonstrate the significance of your injury, including medical records, accident reconstruction, and expert witnesses.
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What might the insurance adjuster say to deny my spinal cord injury claim?
Insurance companies might use defenses such as contributory negligence, intervening cause, overinflated expenses in order to deny your claim. Read more about these below.
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