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Construction Accident Injury Attorneys Serving Augusta

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You’re injured, in pain, and out of work. Will you ever be able to work again? How are you supposed to support yourself and your family in the meantime? 

These questions can feel overwhelming. You’re trying to physically recover from a terrifying and debilitating accident, but you’re not sure where to turn. A construction accident can take a huge toll on both your physical and financial wellbeing. That’s where we come in.

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The right lawyer can make an enormous difference in the amount of money you receive for your case. At Montlick, we have 39 years of proven success getting our clients the money they need.

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I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Scott Patterson who truly went above and beyond for my case. He's so amazing! His expertise and dedication were evident throughout the process, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thanks to the hard work and patience put into my case. I received a fantastic and fair settlement that exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, his assistant, Sarah Duncan, played an integral role in the success of my case. Her professionalism and support were outstanding. She consistently demonstrated a genuine concern for my needs and was always there to provide assistance whenever I needed it.Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding service provided by Attorney Scott Patterson and team. I wholeheartedly recommend Montlick & Associates law firm to anyone in need of legal representation. Thank you so much!
Hey everyone alyssa is the best lawyer I have ever had. She works fast and has everything organized. If you are having trouble looking for a lawyer no problem call Alyssa Martin she’s the best!!!!
austin johnson
Attorney Scott Patterson was outstanding in getting us compensated for an injury to our 3 yr old. Other attorneys probably wouldn't have bothered with our case but he took a chance and worked his butt off which led to us receiving a settlement. Very pleased!Walter
B2 Trucking
On November 30, 2022 I experienced the worst injury that I have ever experienced at fault not my own, while on a quick out of town trip. Not only was I severely burned at an establishment, but I was denied representation by several firms where my incident happened. Unbeknownst to me just because an incident happens in a certain state doesn't mean you have to obtain representation there, which is how I had a turn around in defeat. Not only did Montlick & Associates instantly take my case, Ellen Forrester provided candor from the start on the pros, cons, and how she could deliver her services with the goal of fighting for me as her client being one that was truly heartfelt. From constant check ins from Dayna Clark (Ellen's Senior Legal Assistant), to pertinent information delivered directly from Ellen, I felt the utmost service with care was provided. Ellen was diligent in getting the best results no matter the fight. In the end I had a successful outcome and hopefully raised enough awareness for an incident this traumatic not to happen to anyone else. I Thank Ellen & Dayna for all their hard work and would recommend more stars if I could based on their client care alone.
Senecia Wilkerson
I would like to thank Mike Bish, MacKenzie Lisa's, and David Rubin for handling and litigate my case. They were very professional and helpful making sure that if I didn't have any issues with my workers comp claim. I will recommend Montlick & Associates to anyone that needs help. They keep communication open and have all the right people in place to answer all my questions and very knowledgeable of what steps to take when injured.
Charles Young
I hired Mrs. Forrester for my case last year in May and they got me settled for more money than I ever thought!!! Very professional and prompt with call backs my overall experience with them was amazing!! Mrs. Foresster and Ms. Julie Vaughn was the sweetest and most hard working lawyers there is I have already referred them to my sister and will continue to recommend them to all my friends and family!!
Jenee Johnson
Thank you Jason and Kalana for working on my son's case. No one else would take this case because it was so difficult and you guys worked hard on making sure that he got his settlement. I wish I could give you guys a hundred Stars because that's how amazing you are thanks again.
Kim (Kimmie)
I came to Montlick because of a minor accident I had on slingshot. Nothing is too big or too small for this law firm. I must say. It has been a pleasure working with Sarah and her asst Christopher. They were very professorial. And got right on the case. They always kept me informed every step of the way. Very satisfied customer! Thx again! 😊
angela Jones
This is from Terri Dodd a friend of mine and client of Motlick and Associates. She would like to express her sincere appreciation to Scott Patterson and his team for their remarkable work on her personal injury case. They have given 100% attention to her needs and concerns, and their work has been exemplary. She and I both highly recommend anyone and everyone searching for legal assistance to contact Montlick and Associates.
Elizabeth Whealler
Montlick & Associates, Attorneys are outstanding. When a hit a run driver rear-ended my car, I called the law firm, and they worked on my case from the beginning to the end. I am very pleased with their service and I highly recommend them if you have legal matters.
Rudolph Frazier
I am so happy with the results that Jason got for my case. All other practices wouldn't take my case but not Jason. He knew I had a bad fall and injury. He and Esmerelda worked so hard and informed me of every detail immediately. I highly recommend their services. If I ever need an accident attorney, I will not hesitate to call Jason. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the goodies I baked for you. I will forever be grateful for the settlement you got for me.
mary mullins

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Lawyers Helping People Hurt on Construction Sites in Augusta

Who Could Be Held Responsible?

If you have suffered an injury on a construction site, our experienced Augusta construction attorneys will carefully analyze your situation and present you with your legal options. Depending on the unique facts and circumstances of your case, you could have multiple claims, including workers’ comp benefits, third-party claims and possibly more.

No matter what injury you might be facing, whether it’s due to a third party or employer negligence, the lawyers at Montlick are prepared to fight for the money you deserve.

Construction Site Falls & Injury Lawyers for Augusta

Workers' Comp Questions?

The system is complicated. We have answers (for free).

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What About Workers’ Comp?

Many workplace accidents involve construction accidents, falls, defective machinery, explosions, and scaffolding accidents. Resulting injuries are often severe and can cause serious disabilities that prevent the injured person from returning to work. Workers’ comp protects injured employees and their dependents from lost wages and other hardships that the workplace injury caused.


Georgia’s workers’ compensation system generally applies to businesses with 3 or more employees. These laws provide financial and medical benefits to a worker who sustained an injury as a result of an accident, injury or occupational disease on-the-job, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Beyond Workers’ Comp Benefits

While workers’ compensation benefits can be critical for your recovery, you may be entitled to even more money in your pocket after a workplace injury. If your accident was the result of a third party such as, for example, another employee or a defective machine part, you could have an additional personal injury claim on top of your workers’ comp claim. That could mean a substantial sum of money. Find out your legal options when you speak with a Montlick attorney for your free consultation. Our attorneys thoroughly explore every avenue possible to maximize your financial compensation.

Independent Contractors

Even if you’re employed as an independent contractor, and file a 1099 for taxes, you may still be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Contact us today to find out if you’re eligible.

What If I'm Hurt but Not a Construction Worker?

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Unlike most big firms, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to personal injury. We give each client and case the individualized attention they deserve. Your circumstances are unique, and we treat them that way.

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In some instances, even those who are not actively working on a construction site can unfortunately be the victim of construction accidents. These incidents can include:

Construction creating dangerous or hazardous road conditions like spills or debris, falling construction materials striking passersby, explosions originating at construction sites, and more.

In fact, according to recent data, most fatalities resulting from work zone accidents happen to drivers and passengers, not the construction workers.

If you have been injured due to the operations of a construction zone, you could be entitled to compensation.

The #1 Cause of Construction Fatalities

Falling accounts for the greatest number of construction fatalities. While the falls may result from unstable work surfaces or human error, many occur due to the misuse or failure to use personal protective equipment. Ladder falls rank among the top reasons for fall injuries, according to OSHA. Falls from ladders may occur when:

  1. The wrong type of ladder is used
  2. Workers are improperly trained
  3. A ladder is loaded beyond its maximum
  4. A metallic ladder is used when conducting electrical work

A myriad of other reasons also contribute to construction place accidents, including:

  • slips and trips
  • airborne and material exposure
  • struck-by incidents
  • excessive noise
  • vibration-related injury
  • scaffold-related injury
  • electrical incident
  • burns
  • material handling


Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Accident Case Answers

Can I sue my employer if I’m injured at my construction site?
In most states, an employee cannot sue an employer for work-related injuries.
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Should I wait until my workers’ comp claim is done to talk to a personal injury lawyer?
If you are involved in a work related accident caused by the negligence of someone other than your employer, you do not have to, nor should you choose between these options.
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