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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Serving Athens, GA

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While on your daily walk, you were struck by a reckless driver. Injured, confused, and scared, you’re unsure what to do next. Rest assured, Montlick is the right call.

Each year, thousands of pedestrians across the nation are seriously injured or killed by careless drivers. In a flash, your life can change because of a driver’s negligence. Unable to move, unable to work, you begin worrying about how you’ll pay your bills on time. After an accident and injury disrupt your life, justice starts with a call to our attorneys.

Aggressive Advocates, Empathetic Support

Our Athens pedestrian accident attorneys fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve. No matter where you are located, we are just a phone call away.

We understand the physical, financial, and emotional stress a pedestrian accident victim experiences. Our job is to work hard for you by minimizing your stress and maximizing the money in your pocket.

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Honestly, at the first moment I wasn't going to go with Montlick & Associates, I was with another lawyer that didn't put my needs 1st 😒, I said ha forget that I'm going with Montlick Law Firm and I called and the first thing the Associate said is how you doing 😊 it made me feel so comfortable with them, I didn't have to do anything they handled all the work and made sure they took care of me in the end. I'm happy and will just say that you would be too if you decided to go with Montlick law firm!! #MontlickLawFirm #JusticeServed #ClientLove
I had the pleasure of working with Ellen Forrester when I tell you she fought tooth and nail for me she did just that! The insurance company was not willing to pay a dime for my injuries but Ms. Forrester was not only persistent and knowledgeable she was on top of her game. Thanks to her and her team I was able to win my case.
Alyssa and Antonia was very professional and helpful when working on my case I highly suggest this law firm.
My first experience with Montlick I have no complaints. My lawyer Nick stayed on top of everything with the best advice, keeping in touch with me via text, email or phone call even if it was just checking on me to see how I was doing. He thoroughly explained everything to me and left no questions unanswered. I would definitely recommend montlick to my family and friends anyday. Thanks again Nick for all your hard work with my case.
I was injured at work and needed a lawyer who would understand and not take for granted what I was going through. Alex and Johnathan with MONTLICK & ASSOCIATES were like Batman and Robin. While Alex was leading the defense he had Johnathan that not only kept in constant contact with my day to day issues, he also had first hand experience of what my injuries were and what I was going through physical, mentally and emotionally. Alex & Johnathan, you both gave me a reason to believe that not all lawyers are only about their bottom line. I thank you both for being there when I was at one of the lowest points in my life.
Montlick Injury Attorneys (Scott M. Patterson) and Staff (Sarah / Tamia) were very professional, thoughtful, caring, transparent, and work extremely hard to reach the best injury settlement outcome for our case. Thank you!
If you're ever in need of an injury attorney, Alex T. is the absolute best. He is extremely helpful and efficient and got my husband a great settlement after he was injured at work. His secretary Naneen was a God send! They made sure to respond very quickly when there were questions and always kept us well informed.
I recently had the pleasure of working with the law firm of Montlick and Associates. I was very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance
Great company . Fast results . I worked with Nick Vacino. He was a pleasure to work with .
Catherine Powell is one of the best lawyers I know out here work hard for you to get the truth and try to close your case as soon as possible when she says she’s gonna handle it and get it done she does it I really appreciate you more than my case and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Rita Cross
I have professionally worked with many of the attorneys at Montlick and find each attorney to exhibit exemplary ethics and professionalism. They treat their clients with utmost respect and I would recommend my family to any of the attorneys in the firm.
Attorney Alyssa White & Antonia Morris were great to work with. They were accessible to answer questions and always provide timely responses and continuous updates of the process. Attorney Alyssa reached out to me to provide me an update days before having her baby… I would say that’s SUPERB dedication to service. I appreciate all the work & support you both provided. Thank you Attorney Alyssa White & Antonia Morris Legal Assistant & the Montick & Associate Law Firm for representing me in my time of need.Sincerely,Rita Williams
Amazing people to work with. They will do everything to make their clients happy.. Working with them I felt safe in the right hands. I will recommend Attorney Nives Juric to everyone and of course the most kindest person her assistant Krystal Rivera.
I had an excellent experience working with Ms.Alyssa White and Ms.Antonia Morris on my case! They were very professional and efficient. I would definitely recommend Montlick & Associates to everyone!!!
I had an excellent experience working with Enrique Fernandez on my case. He was always efficient, professional, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Mr. Fernandez and Montlick & Associates to anyone who has been involved in a personal injury matter.
NivesJuric was my Injury Attorney at Montlick Injury Attorneys.She Is the best Injury law attorney I have ever worked with. From our first meeting, she explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when communicating the outcome of my law suit.If you're seeking legal help, call NivesJuric today.Anthony
Great 👍👍👍👍👍 Arron Monick and Sara Mata they work hard for me Good job.
I highly recommend them. All members of my team worked diligently on my case. I was being bullied by the adjustor from Geigo who was so mean-spirited. I called Montelick and my case wa wrapped up in 9 months. I am very satisfied with results.
The best attorneys i have ever came across.I had an work related injury and we all know how workers comp works either way David Rubin and Mike Bish helped me every step of the way an made sure i had everything i neeeded, They even performed a Christmas miricale and made sure i recieved my settlement a week before christmas and after being out of work for 10 months that was truly a blessing. I would recommend them any day bc they are the absolut best.
My experience with Nives Juric and Krystal Rivera, was amazing. To start, I was not sure that I was doing right thing, however after my initial conversation with Nives, I knew that having Nevis representing me was best decision I made.Krystal was very instrumental in putting everything together. she left no stone unturn. from fact finding to gathering information, most important of all, she made me feel very comfortable when I was asking questions. let me tell you I ask a lot of question.I would highly recommend Montlick Injury Attorneys and having Nives Juric and Krystal Rivera, working to have them be a part of your team should you ever need an injury attorney.
They kept me updated and worked with me to answer any and all questions I had.I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and anyone needing any of the services they offer.Thank you again for all of your help.

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Athens Pedestrian Accident Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers

The Road to Recovery Starts Here

With Athens’ historic architecture, it’s hard not to stop and stare at the buildings as you walk by. Located in Clarke County, Athens is arguably one of the best places to live in Georgia for families, food lovers, music enthusiasts, and football fanatics alike. Many residents of Athens find walking in town comfortable and safe — until a distracted driver makes one fatal mistake.

Distracted drivers can run a stop sign, ignore a traffic signal or speed through an intersection. Pedestrian accidents can leave their victims with serious injuries that require long-term or even lifelong treatment. The cost of doctor’s visits, physical therapy, surgeries, and prescription medications can quickly mount to unaffordable levels. Don’t wait — the path to financial recovery begins with a call to Montlick.

Athens Pedestrian Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

While there are many causes of pedestrian accidents, some of the most common include the following:

  • Drivers whose mental and/or physical faculties are impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Speeding particularly in high pedestrian traffic areas
  • Tired or fatigued drivers
  • Roads without pedestrian safety features like longer lights, middle islands and frequent crosswalks
  • Drivers rushing through intersections to “beat the light”
  • Poorly designed pedestrian crossings
  • Using cell phones to call or text particularly around intersections, school zones, bus stops and commercial businesses

Although many types of pedestrian accidents are caused by unsafe driving, the failure of public entities to design roadways and intersections with pedestrians in mind also plays a significant role in causing pedestrian accidents nationwide. A Montlick pedestrian accident lawyer could also pursue a legal claim against the appropriate public entity when an unsafe design or neglected road maintenance contributes to a pedestrian accident.

Because public entities have sovereign immunity, special procedures, and timing requirements must be met when suing a municipality or other government entity for injuries or death suffered in a pedestrian accident. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys may be able to guide you through these special requirements so that you do not undermine your accident claim.

Five Steps to Take if a Car Strikes You

Start Here.

If you’re not sure where to start after a pedestrian accident, start with Montlick. We’ll evaluate your situation for free and advise you on next steps.
Free Legal Help

Being hit by a motorist as a pedestrian can be terrifying and disorienting. The following steps can help you to preserve any personal injury claim you may have if you have been injured as a pedestrian:

  1. Move to Safety: Subsequent accidents are a serious concern immediately following pedestrian crashes. If you are physically able to do so, move yourself out of the roadway. Get to a safe spot where you are less likely to be hit by another car.
  2. Contact authorities: If you are involved in any type of motor vehicle incident, call 911 at the scene, so that a police officer can document what happened and send appropriate medical personnel.
  3. Obtain Medical Treatment: The shock of an accident can mask pain and other signs of an injury. You may be transported to the emergency room by paramedics but if not, it remains important to seek medical care following your accident – even if you are not sure if you have sustained injuries. Consulting with a physician immediately after the accident can aid in the early discovery of hard-to-detect injuries, such as concussions and internal bleeding.
  4. Gather information: If able to do so, exchange information with the motorist(s) involved in the accident, including the driver’s license number and insurance information. Obtain the contact information of any witnesses to the accident and take pictures if you can do so.
  5. Contact a pedestrian accident attorney: As soon as you can after the accident, call our pedestrian accident attorneys at Montlick. If you remain hospitalized, we will come to meet with you. We will review the facts and circumstances of your accident and help you protect your rights. If a motorist is responsible for your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and Pain and Suffering claims. If the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol, you may even be entitled to additional damages called punitive damages.
Frequently Asked Questions

Providing Answers to Pedestrian Accident Victims

What Are Georgia Deadlines for Filing Car Accident Insurance Claims & Lawsuits?
For personal injury claims resulting from a car accident, the statute of limitations in Georgia is usually two years from the date of the accident. This means you would have two years to file a lawsuit against the responsible party/parties. Failure to file within this time frame could result in the loss of your right to seek compensation for your injuries. The statutes of limitations can vary depending on the jurisdiction of the accident.
Read more
I was cited for jaywalking when I was injured as a pedestrian. Do I still have a case?
A citation does not necessarily prove liability and even if you were cited, you could still have a viable pedestrian accident case.
Read more
I wasn’t in a crosswalk, can I still get financial compensation?
Depending on the state and local laws that apply to your accident, you might still be able to recover financially.
Read more
Do I really need a lawyer in a pedestrian case?
Without legal representation, the auto collision insurance company may try to deny your claim or offer an inadequate personal injury settlement.
Read more
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