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Helping People Is Our Purpose. Will You Join Us?

If integrity is integral to your core and caring for people is your catalyst, Montlick Injury Attorneys is the firm for you.

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Our staff is a self-selecting group of compassionate, intelligent individuals. They know when they maintain their morals and help hard-working people, they deserve to be rewarded with a supportive and like-minded work environment.

We Treat Our People Right. Here’s How.

The perks of working for Montlick show in more than the financial benefits. We stand firmly on the stilts of mutual respect, laughter, and unwavering passion. If you excel at infusing humanity into your work and never let your ethical standards wane — we want to hear from you.

We’re Motivated by Purpose 
Nothing is more gratifying than knowing what you do daily makes a difference. If you care about what’s fair and believe in justice for those who deserve it, Montlick & Associates lets you put your mission into action.

We’re Not Going Anywhere
Forty years in the business means we’re here to stay–and only getting bigger. As we expand and improve, we’re eager to take the right people with us on the journey.

We Offer Competitive Benefits
Health and disability insurance, 401K, paid time off, and office events–we find ways to make your life easier so you can bring your best self to our office and clients.

We’re Nice People
Demanding justice for people who have been unfairly injured is a serious business. To ensure we put our full energy into our work while avoiding burnout, we nurture a supportive and encouraging office environment.

Available Positions

Attorneys: Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury and Litigation

Attorneys for Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Departments. Litigation experience a plus. Outstanding opportunity. Excellent compensation based on experience and ability to get results.

Legal Assistants

Legal tips, insights, and expertise–created for you

Helpful information to injury victims about their legal rights and remedies.

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