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Truck Accident Lawyers Near Augusta

Don't Leave Your Case Up to Chance

Those responsible for your truck accident should pay for your injuries–not you.

When a commercial truck accident upends your life, a stressful battle for your financial compensation lies ahead. The trucking companies, their insurance partners and their lawyers will work quickly to do everything in their power to minimize or even deny altogether your payment for the injuries and pain you’ve suffered. You deserve more than that. You deserve Montlick.

40 Years of Trusted Legal Help

Fortunately, you don’t have to fight alone. We take charge of our clients’ cases and fight fiercely to put the maximum money in their pockets. We believe everyone deserves a chance to recover after an accident and injury that wasn’t their fault. That’s why we’re ready to stand up for you—and WIN


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Do you have a case?

Truck Accident Attorneys Explain

Georgia commercial truck crash attorneys discuss:

  • Truck accident settlements
  • Truck accident lawsuits
  • Why truck accidents are so serious
  • Truck accident liability claims
  • Who could be held responsible in a truck accident
  • Common truck accident injuries
  • How a lawyer can add value to your truck accident claim

Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgable, and ready to help you after a truck crash; starting with a free no-obligation consultation. Call now to start the road to recovery.

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorneys Serving Augusta

We Don't Settle for Less. Neither Should You.™

The economic burden of a collision with a big rig, including medical expenses, inability to work and more adds tremendous amounts of stress to accident victims. Insurance companies understand how the stress affects you, and they regularly try to take advantage of your vulnerable state of mind. Remember, insurance claims adjusters’ top goal is to pay out as little as possible or avoid paying anything on a claim. According to an Insurance Research Council (IRC) study:

  • 85% of personal injury victims who received a payout were represented by legal counsel.
  • On average, injury victim claimants who retained attorneys received 300% more money than those who did not retain legal representation. In our experience, when it comes to serious trucking accidents, the numbers can be many times greater.

Don’t make a costly mistake — allow Montlick to pursue the full value of you claim.

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Since 1984 our attorneys have won billions of dollars in compensation for our personal injury clients. Find out what we can do for you.
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You’re injured and unsure of what comes next. We can help.

Trucking accidents are extremely complicated. The trucking industry is governed by industry regulations, plus state and federal laws that require specific knowledge and experience. That’s where we come in. Our Augusta trucking accident lawyers have been providing outstanding legal help to commercial trucking accident victims for decades. Our tractor-trailer attorneys understand the complex issues that are unique to commercial trucking accident claims.  including:

  • Access of trucking companies to massive litigation resources
  • Understanding the complicated federal and state regulatory structure that governs the trucking industry
  • Questionable industry practices that can manipulate potential evidence, such as altering driver logbooks or erasing critical evidence stored on tractor-trailer data recorders

It’s absolutely key to reach out to a Montlick attorney to find out your legal options. We understand the tactics trucking companies, their lawyers, and their insurance partners use, and we know how to fight against them. These sketchy tactics can include:

Manipulating logbooks: Drivers and companies are required to track critical issues like driver fatigue based on hours of service and maintenance issues. In some cases, trucking companies have been known to falsify those logs.

Hiding vehicle damage: Companies will often repair a truck that has been involved in an accident and put that truck back in service so that evidence of vehicle damage and onboard data recorder information is lost.

Dodging Responsibility: Companies might try to characterize the driver and trucking company relationship as an independent contractor relationship rather than employment relationship so the company can avoid liability and minimize the amount they have to pay you.

Shifting blame: Companies and their lawyers often try to shift responsibility to accident victims to avoid paying out.

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The best time to contact Montlick after a trucking accident is now. Let us get started on your case as quickly as possible to put the most money in your pocket.
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Preserving Evidence Before It’s Lost

When it comes to preserving evidence after a truck accident, timing is everything. Evidence can be lost or destroyed in the days, weeks, and even months after the accident occurs. It is crucial to take steps to preserve evidence before it is too late.

Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident, including, when appropriate, going to the scene ourselves, using accident reconstruction experts and more. Here are some additional tips that can help preserve evidence after a big rig crash:

Take photographs or video footage of the scene of the accident as soon as possible.

Speak with witnesses and obtain their contact information for future reference during your case.

Collect all medical records pertaining to the truck accident immediately following treatment at a hospital or doctor’s office.

Keep an eye out for any hazardous materials spilled in connection with the accident– this could include diesel fuel, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc.

Because trucking accidents often result in severe injuries, you may require immediate medical attention and are not able to act on these tips. That’s okay! Our team of attorneys and investigators will work quickly to handle all of this for you.

Treating Serious Situations with Serious Care

Our dedicated and committed tractor-trailer accident lawyers have been providing legal representation to Augusta trucking accident victims since 1984. If you are involved in a trucking accident you may suffer serious life-altering injuries.

This type of severe injury can be debilitating and impact your ability to work and your mental and physical functioning.

If you or a close family member has suffered severe injuries or a loved one has died, the compassionate and dedicated Augusta 18 wheeler accident attorneys at Montlick may be able to get you money for:

  • Expenses related to medical care
  • Lost earnings
  • Partial and total disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Wrongful death – funeral and burial expenses
  • Punitive damages in certain cases

We Know What It Takes to Win®

Montlick is here to help you get back on your feet and get the compensation you deserve. With 40 years of successful experience, there’s a reason you’ve heard our name.

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Truck Accidents Are on the Rise

The number of tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and big rigs on Georgia roadways has risen dramatically in recent years. Sadly, as more and more large trucks take to Georgia highways, the rate of accidents and fatalities related to these tractor-trailers continues to climb. In recent years more than 5,000 large trucks have been involved in fatal injury crashes.

Large truck accidents account for over 4,800 fatalities across the U.S. each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 10% of traffic fatalities are the result of collisions involving a large truck. In addition to the alarming rate of fatalities, another 100,000 individuals are injured in tractor-trailer accidents every year.

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