The least likely types of crashes to be caused by driver mistakes were those that involved animals, pedestrians, or cyclists.

Vehicle defects and poor road conditions are the next more likely cause of crashes involving trucks. Still, only 2.9 percent of collisions were found to be the result of either defective vehicles or roads. Defects are more likely to factor into truck collisions than crashes involving non-trucks.

Distracted driving and obstructed vision was a factor in 9.4 percent of truck crashes, and 4.2 percent of other wrecks.

Truck drivers were less likely than other motorists to be impaired by alcohol. However, truckers are more likely to be driving while fatigued than are other drivers.

Collisions involving large trucks killed 4,136 people in 2018. The majority of the victims in those incidents were people in passenger vehicles.

Fatigue is a well-documented problem for truckers, who are permitted to travel for periods of up to eleven hours in one stretch. Studies suggest that the number of hours that these drivers spend behind the wheel puts everyone on the road in danger. In fact, the chances of a truck driver being involved in a crash are twice as high when that trucker has been operating his or her vehicle for more than eight hours.

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