writes that back over accidents kill hundreds of people across the United States each year. About 1,500 more suffer injuries in such incidents. Children are often the victims of these horrible crashes that are often preventable.*

Most back over accidents takes place because a child is behind a car, and the driver does not see the child when thee driver is pulling out of a driveway. Many people mistakenly believe that these types of crashes are rare freak accidents, but in reality, they happen about 50 times each week.

One of these collisions occurred in Columbia this week when a three-year-old was struck and killed by a woman pulling out of a driveway in a GMC Yukon. In large vehicles such as a Yukon, the blind spots are huge. According to experts, there can be 50-foot areas that a driver cannot see well enough to spot a child.

While new cars are equipped with backup cameras that help to reduce blind spot areas, many drivers still use older cars that lack such technology. Backup cameras can be installed at relatively low costs. Having one added to a car could be life-saving. After all, if a driver cannot see a child, they cannot avoid hitting them. Some systems also provide auditory warnings to drivers if something is behind them. Even with such equipment, it is a good idea to walk around a car before getting in and backing up. No technology is perfect, and small children can still be difficult to spot in some situations.

Back over crashes are only one of many risks that cars present to children. Many kids are still being killed in collisions, rollaway incidents, and heatstroke when they are left unattended in vehicles during warm weather.

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