Parking lots might seem like an unlikely location for collisions given that most vehicles are parked or moving at slow rates of speed. Despite this reasonable assumption, nearly 20 percent of all collisions occur in parking garages and parking lots according to CBS. Distracted driving constitutes the primary factor behind the surprising frequency of collisions in car park facilities. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that 500 people die and another 60,000 suffer injury in the more than 50,000 parking lot collision per year.

Whether your vehicle was hit while you were inside the mall shopping or a driver backed into you when you were headed toward your car, a parking lot accident injury lawyer can help you avoid critical mistakes and deal with the other driver’s insurance company. Insurers often try to lowball damage claims when crashes occur inside parking structures because the collisions tend to occur at lower speeds. Auto accident lawyers anticipate such defense strategies and work to help injury victims build evidence to document the severity of their injuries and other losses.

Almost two-thirds of all drivers in parking lots report feeling confident that they can safely talk on their cell phone while parking in a lot or stacked structure while half reported feeling they also could safely text according to the NSC survey. Approximately 50 percent of drivers thought it was safe to use their phone to navigate social media, send emails, watch videos, and take pictures while navigating a parking lot. Because vehicles often move as slow as five mph in such a structure, many motorists have a false sense of security about using their cell phone. Tragically, distracted driving can cause permanent debilitating injuries or even death to pedestrians whether a vehicle is moving at five miles per hour or fifty. Over forty percent of respondents said they even felt comfortable engaging in a video chat while driving in a parking structure.

An experienced auto accident lawyer understands that sometimes a lack of significant vehicle damage does not correlate to a lack of physical injury by occupants inside a vehicle. Contacting an attorney is the first step in learning more about whether you have a claim.

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