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The world is a more dangerous place than we would like to believe, and unfortunately, good people get injured every day through no fault of their own. If you have been injured due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or business, you deserve financial compensation that actually makes a difference in your recovery.


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Acting With Integrity

Even with 40 years of growth, our founding goals remain the same: Montlick attorneys will always empower and improve our community while operating in a manner that allows every client to know and trust their legal team. That’s the Montlick way.

Fighting With Ferocity

We take on insurance companies and work tirelessly to recover the money you need for your medical treatments, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. We never represent big corporations and we never forget who we’re fighting for: you. That’s the kind of legal help we have provided for decades.

Montlick Attorneys Fight For You – You Don’t Need to Take on the World Alone.

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A split second can change your life forever. In fact, every time someone is seriously injured or killed in an accident, it changes not only their world, but their loved ones’ world as well. If this is your situation after an accident in Birmingham, the fastest way to meet the challenges ahead is to call Montlick.

Our decades of experience have given us the wisdom and compassion that emotionally demanding personal injury cases call for. Whether you and your family are working through the aftermath of a car accident, a dangerous fall, or malpractice at the hands of a doctor or trusted institution, there will be many people trying to downplay your pain and suffering and keep you from financial resources that you are entitled to.

Insurance companies – yes, even your own – are not looking out for the best interests of injury victims. Their goal is to save as much money as they can. Instead of letting them set the terms, start on the offense with a Montlick personal injury lawyer in Birmingham.

The Powerhouse Firm that Puts You First®

Your best interest will always be our primary focus. If you’re in Birmingham, AL and need a Personal Injury lawyer, Call 1-800-529-6333 or dial #WIN® (#946) from your mobile phone.

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What Happens After My Call? How Montlick Personal Injury Attorneys Get to Work

When you contact us, you’ll talk to a personal injury lawyer Birmingham residents can trust. We’re ready to listen to your story and do our best to make sure you don’t leave any potential money on the table. Here’s how we take the pressure off as you focus on your recovery:

Gather evidence: We’ll assist you in keeping track of all evidence that might help your case, such as medical records, accidents reports, photos, and other relevant documents.

Investigate: If we need more information, we may conduct an investigation, talking to witnesses or consulting experts to strengthen your case.

Give you legal guidance: We will make sure you understand your rights, discuss potential courses of action, and help you prepare for what to expect during the whole process.

Negotiate, if necessary: Depending on the circumstances of the injury and the applicable laws, we may engage directly in negotiations with the other party or their insurance company to reach a fair settlement. Just because it’s not court doesn’t mean you can’t have legal representation. In fact, you should–because negotiating with an insurance company by yourself is a losing battle.

File a lawsuit: If a settlement isn’t possible, a Montlick personal injury lawyer in Birmingham may file a lawsuit on your behalf, initiating the legal process to seek financial compensation. We will be your ally in the courtroom as you go through an emotionally draining time.

Though every personal injury case is unique, we at Montlick are dedicated to advocating for your rights and working toward the best outcome for you. You’ve been through a lot – let us take it from here.

What is an expert witness? Can they help me in my personal injury case in Birmingham?

At Montlick, we know that expert witnesses can be an extremely valuable part of many personal injury lawsuits. Some types of expert witnesses that we might use in personal injury cases include medical professionals, toxicologists, economists, pharmaceutical scientists, product experts, and others.

An expert provides technical skill, knowledge, and experience, which can be critical in analyzing complex factual evidence for a variety of purposes including:

  • Interpreting physical evidence and witness testimony to understand an accident
  • Explaining complex phenomena in terms an average person can understand
  • Establishing a basis for the admissibility of scientific evidence
  • Providing financial analysis of complex fiscal issues (such as valuing future economic loss)
  • Analyzing factual data to reach conclusions in scientific or specialized areas of knowledge
  • Evaluating product manufacturing practices and processes
  • Explaining the impact of drugs and other chemicals in causing injuries

Our attorneys might use expert testimony to serve two separate functions in personal injury cases. We may use experts to analyze the facts and circumstances of your auto accident, dangerous drug lawsuit, or other accident case to develop theories of liability and causation that can effectively be used in developing a settlement or litigation strategy. For example, a quality assurance engineer may be hired to assess whether a product is defective in some way that might endanger a consumer. Experts employed for this function may never testify in court. The other function for which we use experts is to testify in court about their findings. Their testimony is used to explain complex issues, technical information or scientific data and knowledge and/or provide expert opinions regarding issues like liability and causation. Generally, expert witnesses are allowed to provide informed opinion evidence whereas other witnesses are only allowed to testify on their factual observations.

Three of the most common experts we use in personal injury cases, particularly motor vehicle accident cases, are

Accident reconstruction experts. Personal injury attorneys may look to these experts to provide an explanation of how the accident occurred, often helping to establish liability. In some cases, an accident reconstruction expert can also help explain the manipulations that caused your injuries by analyzing the force and impact on your body.

Economic and vocational experts. These experts might help to calculate the extent of your loss and future disability. An economist or forensic accountant can help explain in understandable terms how to quantify the current value of your lost future income based on permanent disability and loss of enjoyment of life. They will often refute optimistic medical conclusions provided by experts hired by the other driver’s insurance company who may provide overly optimistic conclusions about your prognosis and degree of disability.

Medical experts. Your attorney may look to a medical expert(s) to provide information about the onset and severity of your injuries. A qualified medical expert could be a surgeon, physician, psychologist, neurologist, physical therapist, or occupational therapist. Medical experts may be called on to establish causation and validate the appropriate level of compensation for your injuries

A Trusted Partner in All Types of Personal Injury Cases

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Based on data from the Alabama Department of Transportation, a typical driver in Alabama has more than a one in three chance over their lifetime of being involved in a motor vehicle accident that causes injury or death. The personal injury lawyer Birmingham, AL needs is a strong advocate who understands the ins and outs of motor vehicle law and all of the insurance companies’ tricks.

A collision between two motorists in average-sized cars can be damaging and complicated enough, but if you or a loved one has been in an accident with a truck or other oversized commercial vehicle, you might find yourself up against legal teams representing one or several large companies that are trying to press you into unfairly low settlements. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to help you navigate their “deals.”

Slip and Falls
The effects of an everyday fall can be devastating for anyone, at any age. According to AlaMed Injury Clinics, the most common slip and fall injuries in Birmingham are broken bones, knee damage, shoulder dislocation, spine and nerve damage, and internal head injuries.

One of the tougher things about falls is that the extent of your injuries might not be obvious at first – especially internal damage – and the people responsible for keeping the area you slipped on clean and safe will likely try to argue that you were clumsy or careless. Having a personal injury attorney that can clearly tell your story is key to getting acceptable compensation.

Medical Malpractice
Dealing with situations where someone you trust, like your doctor, has let you down can be tough to handle on your own. According to an Advance Local News analysis of federal data, Alabamians receive fewer payments per capita in medical malpractice cases than residents of any other state. Don’t let your voice go unheard – as a malpractice victim in Birmingham, you are up against many hurdles because state laws tend to favor doctors and hospitals. At Montlick, we take your suffering seriously, and devote ourselves to helping you win your case.

Workers’ Compensation
Because Alabama follows what is called “exclusive remedy” in workers compensation cases–which limits the employer’s liability–, going to a lawyer is a smart move if you’re suffering from a work-related injury. A Birmingham worker’s comp lawyer can make sure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to, and may even be able to find additional sources of financial recovery for your injury.

If your employer doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance, they could be breaking the law and a Montlick attorney can help you recover the workers’ comp you’re entitled to.

If your employer does have insurance, but their insurance company is denying your claim or their offer in unreasonably low, Montlick has a personal injury lawyer Birmingham workers can count on. We’ll support you, deal with the mounting paperwork, and make sure you have the chance to receive the compensation you deserve.

What types of compensation can a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham help me recover?

If you been in injured in an accident, or lost a loved one, and it was fully or even partially another’s fault, there are a few ways courts could allow you to receive money to help mend the situation:

  • Economic damages are designed to pay you back for expenses you had due to the injury or death, such as medical treatments, prescriptions, co-pays, lost wages, or funeral costs.
  • Non-economic damages are when the court determines an amount of money to pay you back for the pain and suffering or emotional distress the injury or death caused.
  • Punitive damages are meant to punish the person or business at fault for the injury if they were acting in a particularly reckless manner when the accident occurred.

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