According to an online news report published on, parents need to be aware of the risks involved with bounce houses. Bounce houses are inflatable structures that are often used at festivals and birthday parties. A new study suggests that bounce houses are very dangerous to small children.

The new bounce house study states that wind-related bounce house accidents are at risk of being carried away by the wind, tip over, and rolling over, leading to injury or death. John Knox, a professor in the Atmospheric Sciences Program at the University of Georgia, lead the new study. Knox stated that these accidents can occur in “good weather.”

There have been 58 fatalities, and nearly 500 injured in approximately 130 wind-related bounce house accidents since 2000. According to Mr. Knox, this number is probably well below the true number of injuries and deaths associated with bounce houses.

According to the study, 80 of the wind-related incidents were caused by “dust devils.”

Thoms Gill, a second study author, stated that when winds pickup, these get bounce houses should be evacuated and deflated. nI some cases deflated bounce houses were blown into people causing serious injuries.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recmmends that bounce house not be used that bounce houses not be used whenr winds each more than 25 MPH. That speed is below the National Weather Service’s benchmark for issuing high wind warnings. However, more that 30% of the recorded bounce house incidents occurred in wind speeds between zero and 20 miles per hour.

Bounce house regulations vary from state to state. So far, 19 states have adopted the ASTM’s guidelines. 17 other states have no bounce house guidelines. It is the lack of consistency in laws that have led to several casualties. The ASTM recommends that commerical bounce house businesses should keep an eye on the weather and act accordingly.

The deadliest bounce house accident occurred in Australia’s Tasmania last December. Three children were injured and another six children were tragically killed when a gust of wind sent the bounce house structure 30 feet into the air. Australia law requires bounce houses to be anchored to the ground.

In the United States, over 10,000 people annually visit the emergency room for bounce house-related injuries, according to Professor Knox.

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