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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Serving Columbus

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Choosing a nursing home to care for your loved one is an extremely difficult task. However, even with a long and careful selection process, it’s still possible they may end up the victim of negligence or abuse.

Along with the discovery of nursing home abuse or neglect comes the frustration and uncertainty about what to do next. Your loved one may require expensive medical or other care. You also have the huge financial considerations of how to afford moving your loved one to a new, safe facility or hiring an in-home caretaker.

How We Help

We fight for justice and financial peace-of-mind for your injured loved one, and for you too. Our Columbus nursing home abuse attorneys investigate nursing home abuse and negligence cases fully in order to get you and your loved one the justice you deserve after such a violating experience.


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Elder Abuse & Neglect Lawyers for Columbus

Common Types of Abuse

If you or your loved one has experienced abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, compensation may be available for:

  • Surgeries
  • Emergency room visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Casts and other forms of care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and mental anguish for the victim and their loved ones
  • A loss of enjoyment of life
  • A permanent disability directly caused by abuse

Medical care is costly. So is the aftermath. Let us help ease your burden.

Columbus, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Protect Your Rights

Know the Warning Signs

Be on the lookout for changes in the behavior and mental state of your loved ones as an indicator for something being wrong.

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Types of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect Claims

When your loved one is physically abused or denied basic care, they may have a right to seek compensation for the neglect or mistreatment. Nursing home neglect and elder abuse in residential facilities for seniors can take a variety of forms including:

Failure to Provide Basic Needs: At a minimum, nursing home facilities are expected to provide residents with reasonably sanitary conditions, access to medical care and hygiene, nutrition/hydration, medication and similar basic necessities. When a Columbus nursing home denies residents access to such basic needs, a Columbus nursing home resident may have a legal claim for financial compensation.

Physical Abuse: This involves physically manhandling or intentionally hurting residents and causing physical injury.

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct: Many seniors are unable to prevent sexual assaults or lack the capacity to consent to sexual activity. When seniors are sexually exploited by nursing home staff or sexually abused by other residents because of the lack of supervision, this may be a basis for imposing liability on a Columbus nursing home facility. This type of abuse may include inappropriate sexual contact, assaults, rape, molestation, exposure to pornography or other forms of non-consensual sexual conduct.

Financial Exploitation: When staff or management use or steal the money, property, assets or other financial resources of residents including forcing residents to sign over bank accounts, property, investment vehicles or similar financial assets, or even change their wills or estate plans, this may constitute financial abuse.

Abandonment/Restraint: Columbus nursing homes that undertake the care of residents may neither abandon them or use physical or chemical restraint to avoid providing for their needs. Conduct like unjustified use of physical restraints, administering medications like sedatives or simply locking a resident in one’s room may constitute abuse or neglect.

Emotional Abuse: This may include acts such as verbally berating or demeaning residents.


Suspect Abuse? Here’s What to Look For.

While nursing home abuse and neglect will sometimes show obvious signs, it may be a challenge to distinguish age-related medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia from the negative impact of abuse. Family members should be diligent about watching for signs of abuse which may include:

  • Bedsores and unexplained bruises or other injuries
  • Mental confusion
  • Unexplained fractures
  • Lack of hygiene (i.e. clothes that are soiled or smell of urine)
  • Refusal to interact with family
  • Changes in mood including depression or anxiety
Abuse Statistics

Physical Abuse According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), one in five nursing home residents will experience abuse.

Psychological Abuse According to a study completed by the National Center on Elder Abuse, psychological and emotional abuse makes up over 33% at institutional centers.

Financial Abuse Some negligent nursing home staffers have even tricked or coerced residents to sign over power of attorney to them, allowing them to have complete control over their finances. It’s reported that a staggering $2.6 billion each year is lost by residents due to financial abuse.

Ready to Fight for You

Our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys will explore every possible avenue for your case. We’ve been winning clients’ cases for 40 years. Let us help you, too.
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Who Is Responsible?

The nursing home itself, sometimes in addition to individual staff, may be found liable for a variety of things including but not limited to:

  • Improperly trained staff
  • Improper hiring standards
  • Failure to adequately supervise staff
  • Failure to report abuse
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Nursing Home Abuse Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers When You Need Them

What is an ombudsman?
An ombudsman is a person designated to investigate complaints against the nursing home.
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How is the value of a nursing home abuse case calculated?
Because no two cases are precisely the same, it is impossible to guarantee any particular result in a nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit.
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What kinds of injuries might indicate a nursing home abuse claim?
There are many signs that might be present if an elderly nursing home resident is being abused or neglected.
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