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After being injured in an accident at your workplace, not only are you broken and in pain, but you’re also out of work and grappling with what your uncertain future will look like. You might also feel uncomfortable being pit against your employer while requesting the resources you need to recover.


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But there’s no need to fear. As an employee in Georgia, you could be covered by the workers’ compensation insurance your employer carries. Though you can try to file a claim on your own, navigating your next steps with a workers’ compensation lawyer will help you avoid the common pitfalls of this process.

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    We rely on all [years] years of successful experience to provide the care you deserve and the fight you need after a workplace injury.

We rely on all 40 years of successful experience to provide the care you deserve and the fight you need after a workplace injury.

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I’ve Just Been Injured at Work in Lawrenceville. Who’s Responsible For My Medical Bills?

Even if you were hurt on the first day of a new job, you could be eligible for workplace injuries through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Your employer may be required by the state of Georgia to carry this insurance, and filing a claim with them is similar to filing a claim with your car insurance if you are in a car accident.

Workers’ compensation benefits generally fall into three categories:

  • Medical benefits: Your employer’s insurance can cover many costs associated with treating an injury you sustain at work. That includes hospital stays, appointment co-pays, prescriptions, physical therapy and even travel expenses for your medical appointments.
  • Wage benefits: Workers in Georgia are generally entitled to two-thirds of their regular income rate while recovering from a workplace injury. However, Georgia’s weekly cap of $675 on workers’ compensation wage benefits gives the state one of the lowest rates in the nation.
  • Disability benefits: If an employee is left permanently disabled or partially disabled and is prevented from returning to work or fulfilling the same duties and hours they used to, that employee could be entitled to receive disability benefits.

Compensation if You Have Been Partially Or Totally Disabled
If you have missed work while recovering from an injury at your Lawrenceville workplace, you could be entitled to weekly checks for lost income after a one-week waiting period. Checks usually start issuing beginning 21 days after your injury. If you are entitled to these benefits, you are likely eligible if a doctor has ordered you either not to work due to your injury, or to take on light duty work when there isn’t any light duty available at your workplace.

If you can eventually return to work but have reduced hours because your injury has diminished your capabilities, you could receive partial disability benefits, capped at $450 per week in Georgia.

If You’ve Been Injured But Don’t Have a Written Contract
Even if you do not have a written employment contract, if you are a full or part-time employee of an establishment, you could be covered by workers compensation insurance in Georgia. Do not be hesitant to report your injury to your employer and ask to file a workers’ compensation claim. Under the Georgia worker’s comp system, you are protected by law from retaliation.

The Downsides Of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance System
Requiring most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance has some advantages for the state and its residents. Most employees can receive compensation relatively easily after an accident, and complicated debates about who was at fault for the accident are irrelevant because, due to Georgia’s no-fault system, workers are covered regardless of fault. Employers are also barred from firing or demoting an employee for making a claim. At the same time, there are many flaws in this system.

For one, workers’ compensation is an “exclusive remedy,” meaning that if you feel you’re not being adequately reimbursed by your employer’s insurance, you don’t have the option to sue your employer in court for more compensation.

Even if you have a great relationship with your employer and they are supportive of you in your recovery, it’s not them you’re dealing with – it’s their insurance representatives. Insurance companies will try to deny or delay your claim for any number of reasons, possibly trying to minimize your injuries and suffering. Your injuries will also have to be evaluated through healthcare providers they approve.

Why You Should Consult a Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured at Your Lawrenceville Workplace

If you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance as a Georgia employee and you’re limited by state law from suing your employer directly, you might be wondering why you should bother getting legal representation. Here are three situations when people typically seek out Montlick Injury Attorneys to give them guidance and peace of mind in the workers’ compensation process:

Your Employer’s Insurance is Denying All or Parts of Your Claim
The insurance company handling your workers’ compensation isn’t a government-run safety net program. They’re a business looking to save money wherever they can and maximize profits. They might try to deny your claim or minimize your injury using several tactics. They could try to prove you didn’t injure yourself at work, or that you didn’t injure yourself as badly as you say you did.

Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance
If your employer has three or more employees and isn’t covered by a workers’ compensation insurance policy, they could be engaging in illegal business practices. You may have grounds to sue your employer if you have been hurt on the job and are either unable to file a workers’ compensation claim or your employer is being evasive in how the process works.

You Could Be Leaving Additional Money On the Table
Georgia’s cap on weekly disability payments has earned it one of the lowest-paying states for disability payouts. If you’re out of work as you’re recovering from a workplace injury and find yourself struggling to keep up with bills, you’re not alone. Consulting with a personal injury can open up new possibilities for you.

Just because you can’t directly sue your employer doesn’t mean there might not be other parties involved in the accident that you could file a lawsuit against. For example, another driver on the road if your work-related accident happened while driving. Or the manufacturer of faulty work equipment that contributed to your accident. These personal injury claims generally do not have a cap, and can lead to significantly more money in your pocket to take care of you and your family.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Workers’ Compensation

Our Experience Pays! ®
Contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured is wise if you want to give yourself the best shot at receiving benefits that truly help you through this difficult period of recovery. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, Montlick Injury Attorneys can come to your aid by:

  • Preserving documentation: A personal injury attorney will help you keep track of important medical documents and evidence that backs up what happened to cause your injury. While responsibility doesn’t come into play when pursuing workers’ compensation settlements, a detailed timeline and paper trail are valuable if the insurance company tries to fight the validity of your claim, or if you decide to sue a third party for damages related to your injury. The majority of personal injury lawsuits in Georgia have a statute of limitations of two years.
  • Ensuring your filing is accurate and timely: A workers’ compensation attorney will ensure all the complicated time deadlines are met by handling all key notification requirements. No arbitrary administrative rules should prevent you from getting the money you’re owed.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company: Montlick Injury Attorneys handles communication with your employer’s insurance company. As longtime practitioners of injury law, we know the insurance companies’ tricks and games – and how to effectively counter them.

Can I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Lawrenceville Without a Lawyer?
Technically, you could. However, you would risk significant disadvantage, and possibly lose money along the way. While you are not required by law to have legal representation for a workers’ compensation claim ,seeking the guidance of a lawyer who’s experienced in the field is a smart move.

You have nothing to lose but so much to potentially gain from hiring legal representation while pursuing workers’ compensation payouts. A consultation with a Montlick Injury Attorney is free, and if you have a case, we could help you get even more resources as you deal with the fallout of your injury. This could be a make-or-break moment for the future of your life and career. You deserve a true advocate.

Does Having a Lawyer Really Make a Difference in Insurance Negotiations?
You don’t need more on your plate when your energy and focus should be on healing. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney that does the negotiating for you not only saves you frustration, but according to studies, can also hugely increase the benefits you’re likely to get.

A Martindale-Nolo Research survey of people who received workers’ compensation settlements found that injured workers who retained legal representation received, on average, one-third more in benefits than employees who did not have an attorney. 68% of survey respondents had legal representation while filing their workers’ compensation claim.

How the Type of Injury You Sustain Impacts Your Workers’ Compensation

While the average workers’ compensation award in 2020 was $41,000, the benefits you’re entitled after a workplace injury vary greatly depending on a few factors. While there’s no failsafe formula that will tell you exactly how much your unique injury entitles you to, the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s data on 2022 payouts can give you an idea of how similar injuries have been evaluated.

Here are workplace injury circumstances that resulted in higher-than-average payouts, according to NCCI data:

Cause of Injury

  • motor vehicle accidents ($85,311)
  • burns ($54,173)
  • falls or slips ($48,575)
  • Being caught or crushed by equipment ($44,588)

Body Part That Was Damaged

  • Head or central nervous system ($93,942)
  • multiple body parts ($62,859)
  • the legs ($59,748)
  • the neck ($59,391)
  • the arms or shoulders ($49,116)

Recovery Time and Permanence of Damage

  • Amputation ($118,837)
  • fracture, crush, or dislocation ($60,934)
  • trauma ($60,288)

Are Workplace Injuries on the Rise?

The most recent stats from the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation show that there are an average of 2.5 injuries per 100 workers each year in the state This is just below the national rate of
2.8 injuries per 100 workers. Workplaces across the U.S. do appear to be getting slightly more dangerous for employees – a Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2023 report shows an increase of 7.5% since 2021 in occupational accidents and illnesses.

These were the top causes of workplace injuries in the private sector during from 2021-22 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  1. Overexertion and bodily reaction
  2. Contact with objects and equipment
  3. Falls, slips, and trips
  4. Exposure to harmful substances or environments
  5. Violence from humans or animals
  6. Transportation incidents

What Steps Should I Take After Getting Hurt At Work?

If you’ve been injured while performing your job duties in Lawrenceville, your first step should be to report the incident to your employer right away. Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws, you cannot be retaliated against for doing so and it is best to start the process quickly and transparently.

Document your injuries by photographing any visible evidence and maintaining a journal and binder of your medical files. Record how your pain feels, and very specifically how it affects your work. All of this information can be used to prove your injury’s severity to your employer’s insurance company, or to a civil court if applicable.

It is in your best interest to consult with a lawyer and discuss your options as soon as you can. You work hard and deserve to be taken care of when you’re down. Montlick Injury Attorneys will do everything we can to make sure that happens.

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