“Pokemon Go” has quickly become the latest tech craze, with over 75 million downloads to date. The insanely popular app is free and provides players with an augmented reality game in which they can capture Pokemon, or digital creatures, at real locations on their smartphones. The game requires players to physically walk to find and capture Pokemon. While most players use the game with no problems, there have been numerous reports of injuries and even one death linked to the game. These incidents have some wondering whether Pokemon Go has taken tech to a dangerous territory.

Distracted Drivers and Pedestrians, Assaults, and More

Recently, a teenager in Guatemala became the first fatality linked to Pokemon Go. News outlets report that an 18-year-old playing the game was tragically ambushed and shot. Several other news reports indicate that Pokemon players in the United States have fallen victim to robberies and assaults.

Other players have wandered, while distracted and on the hunt for Pokemon, into hazardous locations. In the United Kingdom, four teens had to be rescued after entering caves in search of creatures. Some American teens even fell off a large cliff due to their focus on the game.

Law enforcement officers across the country are warning players not to use Pokemon Go while driving. Incidental reports involve drivers catching Pokemon while operating their motor vehicle, presenting serious road risks.

More Augmented Reality Games to Come?

Despite this slew of injuries and accidents, the wild popularity of Pokemon Go may well inspire other game makers to create augmented reality games. The game itself shows no signs of slowing down and will likely continue to experience global success.

Pokemon Go does provide a warning to players that they should focus on their surroundings while playing the game, but is it enough? If accidents continue to be linked to the game, more investigation may be warranted.

Liability for Pokemon Go Accidents

Pokemon Go raises complex liability issues. While game makers have been sued on numerous occasions in the past, it is not clear whether a plaintiff would succeed in filing suit against Nintendo if they were injured while playing Pokemon Go. For one, the game does provide clear warnings and disclaimers. Further, many Pokemon Go accidents involve some degree of negligence on the part of the player, such as playing while driving. However, it is possible to envision a set of circumstances that would give rise to a strong lawsuit against the makers of Pokemon Go for serious injuries sustained while playing the game. Anyone injured while playing a video or app related game should contact our Georgia personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, for an in-depth evaluation of your legal rights and remedies.

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