In general, drivers of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and all other types of vehicles are expected to use “reasonable care” when operating their vehicles in Georgia. In other words, all drivers have a duty to drive in a safe and reasonable manner so as to avoid harming others. Failure to do so can result in liability under a theory of negligence, potentially costing the wrongdoer (or typically his or her insurance company) a significant amount of money for any property damage, injuries resulting from the crash, and even wrongful deaths. In order to succeed in a negligence action, an accident victim must prove that the other driver failed to exercise reasonable care, proximately caused the person’s injuries, and must prove his or her damages.

Examples of the types of negligence, or failure to exercise reasonable care, include:

  1. Failure to use a turn signal when driving;
  2. Failure to obey the rules of the road;
  3. Driving at excessive speeds;
  4. Failure to consider adverse weather or traffic conditions;
  5. Driving while intoxicated, impaired, or overtired;
  6. Improperly passing or changing lanes on a multi-lane road or highway;
  7. Driving while distracted, i.e., taking focus off the road due to eating, texting; or talking to other passengers;
  8. Reckless and/or careless driving; and
  9. Automobile manufacturing and/or design defects.

There are steps that you can take as a driver, to help avoid causing an accident. These include:

  1. Obey the rules of the road – as much as you would like to test out the maximum speed of your brand new BMW, it is best to avoid speeding. The higher the speed, the more likely that an accident will occur, especially one involving serious injury or death.
  2. Be good to your car – keeping your car in good repair is essential to safe driving. In fact, many accidents are caused by people who fail to maintain their vehicles, which may include not maintaining brakes, or failing to check that tires are in proper shape and properly inflated.
  3. Pay attention! In the United States, several hundred thousand accidents are caused each year due to distracted drivers. If you need to respond to a text message or email, be smart and pull over before engaging in dangerous multi-tasking.
  4. Watch out for bikers and pedestrians – in Georgia, many people love to be outdoors, especially during the summer months. As such, it is crucial to watch out for people who are out and about, especially bikers and runners who tend to be on or near the road.
  5. Wake up! Do not drive when overtired or if you become tired while behind the wheel, pull over and rest for a while before proceeding.
  6. Never Drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol!

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