Many people are severely injured or permanently disabled after falling down a stairway that was not designed, maintained, or constructed properly or has other hazardous conditions.

If you have fallen down a staircase that was poorly maintained on a business property and suffered serious injuries because of the defective or poorly maintained staircase, then our Georgia dangerous stairway law firm can evaluate your case and advise you regarding your rights to compensation for your injuries. We have over a quarter of a century of experience handling these types of cases.

Liability related to defective staircases in Georgia is governed by both product liability law that applies to manufacturers and companies that sell staircases, and premises liability law which imposes a duty on business owners to maintain their properties so that they are safe for visitors and customers. Liability can also extend to companies that construct, install and repair staircases. Some property owners knowingly fail to maintain their properties and leave things such as staircases in bad condition making them a hazard to anyone that uses them. Some business owners are aware of problems in the way a stairway is constructed or dangerous features of the staircase but choose not to do anything about it.

Examples of this can include:

  • Broken steps and handrails or lack of handrails
  • Poor overall maintenance – missing steps or broken steps
  • Poor lighting conditions over and around the stairways
  • Stairway design that is defective, like steps with the wrong riser to tread ratio
  • Slick conditions or frayed carpeting that can cause falls

If any of the situations above exist, then you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. In order to prove liability on the part of the property owner, your attorney will need to prove that the property owner knew about the condition, or should have known about the condition, and failed to warn you about the hazard or fix the unsafe condition.

Some questions that may be relevant to your claim include:

  • Why were you on the property?
  • Was there a warning posted clearly to identify the hazard in the stairway?
  • Did the owners routinely inspect the stairway?
  • Was the stairway adequately lit?
  • Did the owners fail to manage conditions that were in their control?

If you have been injured by a fall from a stairway, it is possible that your fall was caused by a condition that constitutes a building code violation by the property owner. When a property owner fails to comply with building codes and that failure contributes to a fall from a staircase, these building code violations may be sufficient to establish a breach of the property owner’s duty of care.

If you are involved in a stairway accident on the premises of a business anywhere in Georgia, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. If you suffer serious injuries in a stairway fall accident in Georgia, call Montlick and Associates to learn about your rights to compensation. We work hard for our clients and are dedicated to providing exceptional service as part of our goal of being the best slip and fall lawyers in Georgia.

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