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Ellen Forrester

There are so many opportunities in the law to profoundly impact individuals.

Ellen Forrester knew from a young age that she wanted a career where she could make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Since then, she has spent thousands of hours in the courtroom fighting for her clients. She is passionate about being an exceptional advocate for her clients and is committed to working tirelessly to help them.

Ellen is extremely comfortable and confident in front of a judge and jury. Early on she was awarded the James A. Wysocki Award in Trial Advocacy from Tulane University School of Law for her outstanding achievements in Trial Advocacy.

Ellen’s clients appreciate her ability to take the complex details of a case and diligently explain them in a straightforward, real-world context, breaking down intricate legal concepts so they are understandable. In addition to her work for clients, she has served as an Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law and Criminal Law at Lipscomb University, and regularly gives presentations on criminal justice and criminal justice reform.

Ellen loves hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with her two Great Danes, Dolly and Jolene. She loves animals, having owned dogs, cats, fish, and even honeybees as pets.