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Jeffrey Kowalski

I stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves.

Jeffrey is a dedicated workers' compensation attorney, and has been fighting for his clients since 2003.

He grew up watching LA Law and other popular TV law shows. That’s when he knew he wanted to be an attorney; to “right the wrongs done to people” and experience for himself, the thrill of winning in the courtroom.

Today, Jeffrey is a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney, having been in practice since 2003. Described by his colleagues as a dynamic and hardworking attorney, Jeffrey loves uncovering the nuances of each case, building winning arguments against opposing counsel and adjusters and helping clients navigate the legal system to improve their position. His colleagues call it “good lawyering”, something his solid 5-Star Client Rating from AVVO attests.

Prior to joining Montlick, Jeffrey earned his law degree from the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University and spent 5 years working as an electrical controls engineer prior to attending law school.

Jeffrey is passionate about fitness – when he’s not working you will usually find him trail hiking, snowboarding, or weight lifting. He also enjoys growing his own hot peppers and turning them into an array of homemade hot sauces, adding to his already extensive collection. Jeffrey lives in Metro Atlanta with his wife, Krista, their daughter Isabella and their cats and dog.