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Enrique Fernandez

There is no greater privilege than helping people in my community.

Inspired by his father, a physician, Enrique Fernandez watched his father commit to a highly demanding profession for the higher purpose of helping others.

Enrique aspired to do the same: to make a positive impact on the world and his community. He channeled that passion for assisting others into the practicing of law.

Enrique joined Montlick in 2019. He loves fighting hard in the courtroom for the rights of his clients against larger corporate interests. He successfully navigates the bureaucracy put in place by insurance companies to discourage injured people, and he dedicates his days to helping his clients get the compensation and benefits they deserve.

Enrique attended Emory University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate and served as a member of the ICC Moot Court team. In his free time, Enrique enjoys cooking, traveling, and watching movies.