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Christopher Ostolski

Christopher Ostolski joined Montlick in 2009, and is a trusted attorney who skillfully advocates for clients who have suffered a work-related injury.

He is widely known for his diligence in working through the details of a case, and for his empathy towards his clients. Whether helping them secure approvals of medical treatments, getting income benefits or maximizing the value of their workers’ compensation claims, clients appreciate Christopher for his hard work and for his straightforward presentation of legal facts and honest application of the law.

Christopher received his Juris Doctor from Wake Forest University Law School. He is also a proud graduate from the University of Georgia where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science.

Growing up in Upstate New York, Christopher is a loyal Buffalo Bills football fan. He’s also a family man with a big heart. Christopher loves cooking for his family and playing an active role in his son’s and daughter’s sports teams. He volunteers at their school, Clairmont Elementary School and is a member of the PTA.As a parent, Christopher has become an unabashed Disney World fan; he and his wife look forward to planning future family trips to Orlando.