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What is UM/UIM coverage and how does it help in a hit-and-run accident?

Uninsured Motorist coverage – also known as underinsured motorist coverage – is insurance that protects you if you are injured by someone with no insurance in an accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage also protects you if you get hit by a hit-and-run driver or if you get hit by someone who has insurance but whose policy is not enough to cover your medical treatment and other bills caused by an accident.

Generally, this coverage is an additional add-on to your policy and does not come standard, but it is extremely important for all drivers.

While drivers are generally required to have a minimum policy in liability coverage to drive legally (the minimum amount varies by state), recent studies indicate that as many as 33% of all vehicles on the road may be uninsured. In some cases, drivers never purchased insurance, or the insurance company canceled their policy because of late or missed payments.”

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