Large commercial trucks like 18-wheelers, semi tractor-trailer trucks, vans, and box trucks, pose an extremely serious threat to other motor vehicle occupants due to the massive disparity in weight between a commercial and an average-sized passenger vehicle.

The extreme weight of these vehicles makes them more difficult to drive and stop withing traffic or at high speed along interstates. If a passenger vehicle is involved with a large commercial truck, that vehicle’s occupants may suffer severe, life-threatening injuries because these massive vehicles are 20-30 times heavier.

One of the biggest problems commerical truck drivers endure is large truck blind spots. The large blind spots are also known as “no zones.” If you or a member of your family was injured in a crash caused by a negligent truck driver and/or irresponsible trucking company, our knowledgeable truck accident lawyers can help explain your legal rights.

It is true that all motor vehicles have blind spots where the driver is unable see other vehicles, objects, or people in their mirrors. The length and height of a tractor-trailer trucks greatly reduce the driver’s visibility. Moreover, commercial truck drivers are unable o see certain angles on both side of the trailer toward the end of the vehicle. Commercial truck mirrors are not able to reflect objects directly in front or to the immediate left. While there are no zones that make driving large trucks more safe, truck drivers should recognize these no zones and use caution when making lane changes.

Most commercial trucks today come equipped with large mirrors to reduce large blind spots, but truck drivers still have blind spots. Truck drivers and commercial carriers can reduce this risk by installing cameras that can eliminate truck blind spots. Another option is to equipping their fleets with crash avoidance systems. Crash avoidance systems can also could reduce carriage underride/override crashes, and backing up accidents.

Unfortunately, transportation companies have a substancial financial incentive to place profits before safety making the nation’s roadways more dangerous. While not every “no zone accident” is the fault of the trucking company, a truck driver’s lack of attention of a truck’s no zones and/or neglect to exercise care to avoid accidents in blind spots can be a basis of liability following a truck accident.

Similarly, a commercial carrier might be held liable for failing to sufficiently train its truck drivers concerning the proper procedures for managing no zones. When transportation companies decide to hire inexperienced truck drivers, these novices are required to have a training certificate that affirms compliance with the training requirements outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Commercial carriers may be held financially liable for crashes caused by it’s truck drivers if their drivers are inadequately trained or supervised and cause a crash.

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