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Keeping Kids Safe on the Road

Montlick Launches Family Safety Program

Montlick is proud to offer to the public iRideSafe® developed as part of our commitment to highway safety and saving lives on Georgia roads.

About this Program

We have all heard the heartbreaking stories from families who have suffered the unimaginable loss of a loved one or have sustained serious injuries as a result of a car crash. Fatalities on Georgia roads are rising and motor vehicle crashes remain the #1 killer of young children and teens. “We see the devastation and heartache that families experience after a serious car crash, and we never want to see anyone get hurt,” says David Montlick, Founder and CEO of Montlick. “That’s why iRideSafe® is so important to us.”

The mission of iRideSafe® is to motivate, educate, facilitate drivers and passengers so that everyone gets home safe. The website includes easy-to-follow videos, downloadable safety guides and links to state highway safety and motor vehicle laws.

“Our hope is that families will make safe driving their mission too,” says Jenny Harty, Montlick’s iRideSafe® Program Director.

Featured Downloadable Pledges and Safety Guides from iRideSafe.com:

Child Passenger Safety More Safety Guides
Teen Driver Safety More Safety Guides
General Driver Safety More Safety Guides

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At Montlick, we have a longstanding history of giving back to the community. With over 20 public service programs, we can reach more than our client list, building relationships and improving lives in our surrounding communities.

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