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Helping Kids Stand Up For Each Other

Montlick Launches National Anti-Bullying Organization and Kids Club

Montlick is proud to have partnered with Children Without A Voice USA (CWAV) to help create A4K®, the Ambassador for Kids Club; a youth ambassadors for kids club whose mission is to prevent and stop bullying and other forms of abuse in our schools and communities.

About this Program

A4K® is a youth club whose mission is to prevent and stop bullying and other forms of abuse in our schools and communities.

In 2011, as A4K®‘s Founding Sponsor, Montlick Injury Attorneys committed extensive funding and man-hours to the organization, including designing and providing A4K® with its website, public service announcements and a video shown to kids in schools. In addition, the firm increased awareness of A4K® through television and billboard messages, and provided funding for the program to be taught in a number of Georgia schools.

In December 2014, the organization’s leadership and operation was transferred to Montlick, as part of the Georgia law firm’s ongoing commitment to family safety and its pledge to always give back to the community.

“Bullying happens everywhere. It happens in every school, every city, and every community. I have dedicated my time and firm’s resources to support the A4K® Club because I strongly believe in the program and its ability to make a real difference in helping kids and saving lives”, says Montlick Founder and CEO David Montlick.

Why this A4K® Club is so important

Child Abuse and bullying are serious issues within our schools, our communities and across the country. We see stories of children being bullied on the news every day. Sadly, over 50% of kids will be bullied. Each day 160,000 students miss school for fear of being bullied, and 282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month. The incidences of mental and verbal bullying are of course much higher. Social media and texting have made things much worse. With the increase in use of these technologies, cyberbullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. What is most tragic is when we hear in the news that a child has taken their own life because they were bullied. That is why the A4K® Club is so important. Educating our youth about respecting each other’s differences and empowering them to speak out when they see another child being bullied will help save lives!

The A4K® Club has a website that has helpful information and resources for kids, parents, teachers and community leaders. Be sure to check it out!

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