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When an Auto Accident Causes Blindness

March 18, 2015

With over five and a half million auto accidents occurring in the United States each year, you can imagine the number of injuries which result from these accidents. In fact, over two million injuries result from auto accidents, with more than 30,000 fatalities. Surprisingly, the majority of fatal car accidents involve only one car, although half of auto fatalities can be linked to high speeds. The victims of these accidents are left with injuries which range from minor bumps and bruises to the other end of the spectrum which includes serious and traumatic injuries.

Loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries are only a few of the injuries which can result from a serious auto accident. The National Federation of the Blind reports that some fifty thousand Americans become blind every year, and that half of those are a direct result of an accident or injury. Auto accidents can cause blindness through blunt trauma to the face which injures the delicate optic nerves, or from flying debris in the accident which causes objects to directly strike the eyes.

Retinal Detachment Caused by a Car Accident
A trauma to the head area can result in a hole or tear in the eye's retina. The retina is essentially a thin tissue of cells and nerve fibers which cover the inside of the eye. This film is light sensitive and can be likened to the wallpaper which covers your walls. When there is a trauma to the head, the sensitive retina can become detached, be punctured or torn. When there is a tear present, fluid can pass through, spreading between the retina and the back wall of the eye, leading to retinal detachment. The part of the retina which detaches ceases to work properly, causing a blind spot in the person's vision field. Should the retina remain detached, it will get progressively worse, leading to possible blindness which would be irreversible.

In some cases the detachment of the retina can be treated, and when it is treated immediately, the person stands a chance of retaining their vision. If you believed you were fine following your car accident, but later started seeing blind spots in your field of vision or having other sight problems, it is critical that you see an eye doctor immediately to determine whether you have experienced a retinal tear or detachment.

Over three-fourths of all cases of retinal detachment can be cured through an operation, while another fifteen percent will require multiple operations. Over five percent of all detached retinas will never reattach, leaving the person permanently blind. If treatment was not immediately sought following the accident, the prognosis may worsen, and without treatment at all, the detached retina may turn into total blindness within six months or less.

Retaining Your Quality of Life
Unfortunately, auto accidents happen all the time, and an auto injury can severely transform your quality of life. In the very most drastic cases, a retinal detachment which is left undiagnosed or untreated can cause blindness, altering your life forever. If your accident and subsequent injuries were the result of the negligence or carelessness of another, you should seek legal representation immediately. A qualified personal injury attorney will fight aggressively for your rights while you concentrate on healing. If you experienced a detached retina, it is likely you were off work for a period of time, possibly even for an extended period. This means you not only were subject to piles of medical bills, you also suffered lost wages for the time you were unable to work. If your detached retina turns out to be permanent, resulting in blindness, you may never be able to work again. You deserve compensation for such devastating injuries, and a knowledgeable Atlanta car accident lawyer will ensure you get what you need and deserve.

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