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Whether people ride for recreation, exercise, or a commute, cycling continues to grow in popularity.  Riding offers a multitude of benefits, but bikes furnish virtually no protection from injury.  While the number of bicycle crashes might not be high, such accidents commonly result in severe injury or even death.  The medical costs and lost income associated with debilitating cycling injuries often exacerbate the emotional challenges of the recovery process. Our Savannah bicycle accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have an unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of people who sustained injury because of someone else’s negligence, and maximizing their monetary recovery under the law.

How Drivers Endanger Cyclist Safety

Motorists engage in many forms of careless and distracted driving that endanger law-abiding cyclists.  When a driver slams into a bicyclist while committing a  traffic violation, the unlawful conduct often will serve as a basis of liability if the illegal conduct caused the collision. If a violation of the Georgia rules of the road causes a bike crash, the violation might raise a presumption of negligence.  Failure to look before executing a lane change and moving into a bike rider, for example, constitutes negligence. 

Our attorneys, in the appropriate cases, review accident reports, analyze accident scenes, interview witnesses, and work with investigators and/or accident reconstruction experts to identify negligent conduct like traffic violations or other forms of unreasonably unsafe driving.   

Some of the common forms of conduct that cause bicycle collisions include:

  • Drivers opening car doors without checking for bikes
  • Dog owners allowing their pet to chase after a rider
  • Disregarding Georgia’s three-foot rule when passing a cyclist
  • Failing to abide by right of way rules at stop signs and traffic lights
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance
  • Using a cell phone or otherwise multi-tasking behind the wheel
  • Tailgating a bicyclist
  • Driving at an unsafe speed

The cause of many bike-vehicle collisions can be difficult to determine, especially if the other party distorts the facts. Given that bike accident victims tend to suffer serious injuries that merit transportation to the hospital via ambulance, the investigating officer often gets a stilted version of the incident based primarily on the driver and other occupants of the motor vehicle.  Our bike injury lawyers in Savannah, GA, understand this potential bias in the law enforcement accident report, so in the appropriate cases, conduct independent investigations, rather than simply relying on the information in the official report.

Bicycle Accident Injuries in Savannah, Georgia

Bicycle enthusiasts do not benefit from a protective passenger compartment, safety restraints, or other safety features that mitigate injury of occupants of a passenger car, so they can experience many injuries, such as:

  • Amputation of limbs
  • Head injuries
  • Fractured hips
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Broken collar bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Knee injuries

Head and brain injuries constitute the most prevalent form of catastrophic injury experienced by bike riders.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 70 percent of bike accident fatalities involve head injuries. While only children under the age of 16 are required to wear a bike helmet in Georgia, the NHTSA cites studies indicating helmets are 85-88 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute indicates riders without a helmet are 14 times more likely to suffer a fatal head injury. 

Our cycling accident injury lawyers in Savannah have the experience to investigate our client's collision and determine the appropriate strategy for pursuing the best outcome.  Montlick and Associates has been advocating for people injured by negligent drivers since 1984.

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