Cyclist safety is a major concern in the Sunshine State. Approximately sixteen percent of all cyclist deaths in the U.S. occurred in Florida in 2017. That year, 783 people were tragically killed while on bikes nationally, and 125 were in Florida.

In Florida, cyclists are treated as as motor vehicles, as long as cyclist is on the road. Cyclists should travel with the flow of traffic when biking on the roadway. When cyclists are on the sidewalk, they must yield to pedestrians. On the road, people on bikes should stay as far to the right as possible to avoid a collision. Of course, cyclists cannot stay safe without drivers following road rules, as well. Drivers must allow at least three feet of space in order to pass a cyclist on the road.

Many of these tragic cycling deaths are the result of a simple error, such as the failure to yield the right of way. AAA reminds drivers that they are obligated to share the roadway with cyclists. It is important that motorists pay attention to the road and avoid all distractions while behind the wheel.

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