USA – The number of people bicycling on American roadways continues to increase year after year, according to PEOPLEPOWEREDMOVEMENT.ORG. With more people riding bicycles, there are unfortunately more chances of bike-related accidents to occur.*

Interestingly, while more cyclists are on the road, fewer overall non-fatal accidents are occurring. Education efforts are ramping up in many cities as a way to remind both drivers and cyclists of their obligations to one another to help avoid crashes. Many cities are trying to improve cyclist safety by adding protective medians and bike lanes to streets but other cities are not.

While overall accidents are down, fatal bike accidents are on the rise. Some of the reasons for the increased bike-related death toll include drivers failing to exercise caution, new cyclists being unfamiliar with the rules of the road, and cities lagging behind in the implementation of structural improvements.

Based on statistics, bike crashes tend to result in more serious injuries in urban environments. Seventy percent of all fatal bike collisions occur in cities. This could be because cities have more cars on the roads and may have less flexibility to install bicycle safety features than other areas, such as suburban and rural areas. The safest cities across the country are those that made changes to the roads to accommodate cyclists.

Cycling crashes often occur because someone failed to pay attention to the road. Inattentiveness can be deadly when drivers or cyclists fail to stay alert. On busy roadways, traffic patterns may be confusing.

Another problem often seen in cities is that drivers and cyclists may not fully understand the rules of the road and might mistakenly believe that they have the right-of-way when they, in fact, do not. Other risk factors include dangerous roadways and low visibility for drivers at night.

Efforts to make the road safer for cyclists will require both infrastructure changes on a state level and education on the part of drivers and cyclists alike.

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