Automobiles provide essential means of transportation for millions across the country and billions worldwide. We depend on our automobiles to perform as expected to safely transport us to our destination. When our car or a vehicle around us malfunctions, the results can be catastrophic. Car manufacturers are required to ensure their vehicles meet stringent safety standards on a federal and state level, but all too often, vehicles are released to the public that fall short of these standards and accidents result.

An automobile that was defectively designed or one containing a defective part can give rise to liability on the part of the vehicle manufacturer or part manufacturer. There have been numerous situations where the design of a vehicle caused or exacerbated an individual’s injuries. Examples of automobile defects include:

  1. Airbag failure—when a vehicle’s airbags fail to activate or activate with extreme force, this can result in serious head or neck injuries to the occupants.
  2. Rollovers or roof crush—in the event of a rollover, if the support structures for the roof fail and cave in on occupants, death, neck injuries and paralysis can all occur.
  3. Defective tires—tires that fail earlier than expected and result in accidents can be considered defective.
  4. Door failures—in the past, fatal accidents have occurred when the door system becomes activated in a crash, allowing occupants to be thrown from vehicles.
  5. Fuel system failures—many vehicle fires that erupt after an accident are the result of inadequately designed fuel systems or punctures to the fuel tank that should not have occurred.
  6. Seatbelt failures—seatbelts that do not tighten or have too much slack might fail to protect occupants in the event of a crash.

Thousands of Americans are hurt or killed each year due to automobile accidents involving defective design or manufacture. The high number of recalls in recent years is testament to the seemingly increasing number of accidents linked to defective automobiles. Overall, vehicles today meet far higher safety standards. However, often in an effort to cut corners and maximize profits, not all vehicles on the market live up to these stringent standards. If you are injured in a crash that may have involved a defective automobile, consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

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