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Workers Compensation Lawyers Serving Athens, Georgia

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Athens, Georgia

Injuries that occur while a person is at work are in many ases treated differently than injuries that occur in other contexts. This is because of workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a system that helps workers by allowing them to collect benefits when they suffer from injuries while working, even if no one negligently caused their injury. In most cases, if you injure yourself through nothing more than your own carelessness, you are going to have to deal with the consequences on your own.  However, if you injure yourself at work, even if it is your own fault, then in many cases you will likely be able to collect benefits to cover your medical bills, and to replace some of the wages that you lose as a result of the injury.

At Montlick & Associates, we have served as advocates for injured individuals for over 39 years. Our Athens office has years of experience representing people who were injured at work, and helping those people to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

Which Businesses in Athens, Georgia Must Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Most businesses will be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance under the law. In Athens, Georgia, any business that regularly employs three or more workers, even if they are part-time employees, will be required to have workers’ compensation insurance. There are some categories of employees are who are exempted from state workers’ compensation law, including farm workers, domestic servants, railroad employees, and federal government employees.

How Do I Collect Workers’ Compensation in Athens, Georgia?

The first step in collecting workers’ compensation is to report your injury and you must do so to your employer within 30 days. If you fail to report your injury within the time limit, you can lose your ability to collect benefits. You will also be required to fill out a form called the WC-14, which you will have to file with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation within a year.  Your employer and your employer’s insurer should also be sent copies of this form.  Generally, failure to file a claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation is fatal to your claim and only limited exceptions to this rule apply.

What Benefits Can I Obtain Through Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation pays for medical care and rehabilitation. You can also collect two-thirds of the wages you receive in a typical week, but cannot exceed $575 dollars per week.

What If My Injury Was Caused By A Negligent Third Party?

Workers’ compensation benefits do not include damages for pain and suffering, which are collected in successful legal claims. However, if your injury arose from the negligent actions of a third party while you were on the job, you can generally pursue a personal injury claim against the third party, even while simultaneously pursuing a workers’ compensation claim.  The types of damages you can obtain in a personal injury claim include medical expenses, lost wages, Pain and Suffering, punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct rose to the level of gross negligence, and more.

What If My Workers’ Compensation Claim in Athens, Georgia is Denied?

Claims for benefits may be denied for a number of reasons. Sometimes claims are denied because of a procedural issue, such as waiting too long to report your injury. Claims can also be denied if the injury did not arise out of work-related duties or did not occur during the course and scope of employment.  It is also important to remember that insurers are not eager to pay out large sums of money to injured individuals. Some common reasons claims are denied include the suspicion that your injury was not the result of something that happened at work or that your injury was not as serious as you claimed it to be. For example, if you waited a long time to see a doctor, the insurer might argue your condition was not caused by an incident at work, as you would have seen a doctor earlier if it was.

If your claim is denied, your have the right to appeal. The appeal will normally include a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge, which is similar to a trial in court. Workers’ compensation appeals can be complex and time consuming.  However, if you were injured at work in or around Athens, contact our workers’ compensation  attorneys at Montlick & Associates to have your claim evaluated.

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