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When you experience severe injury or the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle collision in Albany, Georgia, the consequences often include staggering medical bills, intense pain, emotional distress, and a disruption in household income.  While coping with these hardships, accident victims pursuing compensation for their injuries also must navigate critical deadlines, insurance claim requirements, and legal procedures.  When injury victims are struggling with their medical recovery, legal complications and insurance company tactics can be unwelcome distractions.  The stress and challenges associated with pursuing compensation for your injuries become far more intense when the party responsible for your injuries is a driver who flees the scene of the accident.  Montlick and Associates, Injury Attorneys handle the legal and insurance issues so our clients in Albany, Georgia can focus on their recovery.  

Understanding Hit and Run Accidents in Albany, Georgia

Despite the duty imposed on motorists to remain at the scene of an injury accident and assist victims, some drivers, perhaps because of fear, a lack of insurance or other legal concerns, have a strong motivation to flee after a collision.  The law requires Georgia drivers to maintain a valid driver’s license, liability insurance, and sobriety behind the wheel.  Drivers breaking the law sometimes flee the scene of accidents to avoid civil and criminal liability. However, they are often caught and held accountable.  Victims of hit and run drivers can pursue personal injury claims against those responsible in order to recover valuable compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain & suffering, and even punitive damages.  If you have been injured in a hit-and-run accident, but do not know who the driver was, do not panic.  Your own insurance policy, and even those of family members who live in your household, may contain Uninsured Motorist coverage, an important avenue of recovery in an personal injury claim.

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Special Problems Faced As a Results of Fleeing Motorists

The law enforcement officers that investigate a hit and run accident might successfully identify the at-fault motorist through witnesses, traffic cams, and other evidence.  A defendant's conviction for hit and run could significantly strengthen a plaintiff’s claim regarding both liability and damages.  Injury victims confront a much more difficult task when the hit and run driver cannot be identified and located.  Additionally, in an appropriate situation, our Albany personal injury lawyers may work closely with private investigators, vehicle engineers, crash reconstruction experts, and others with specialized knowledge to develop alternate explanations for how a crash occurred and the parties responsible for causing the collision. While this approach will not work for every crash where the negligent driver flees, several parties might be viable defendants depending on the facts and circumstances, such as:

  • Companies that design, manufacturer, and market defective parts, components, and/or vehicles
  • Government authorities that design unsafe roadways, intersections, or traffic controls
  • Careless third-party drivers that trigger chain reaction auto collisions
  • Public entities that do not properly maintain roads
  • Private and public entities that set up unreasonably hazardous construction zones
  • Vehicle repair facilities that perform inadequate repairs that cause crashes

Pursuing UM/UIM Claims

Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage also might provide an alternative avenue of financial recovery when you are involved in a crash with a hit and run driver that cannot be located and identified.  If applicable, UM coverage can provide compensation for the following:

Property Damage

  • Vehicle Repair/Replacement
  • Home/Wall (struck by vehicle)
  • Laptop/Phone (damaged in the vehicleduring a collision)

Bodily Injury

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical & Hospital Bills
  • Lost Wages 

UM claims and lawsuits involving hit and run drivers can be complicated, so we invite you to speak to an experienced Albany hit and run attorney at Montlick and Associates to learn more about your legal rights and remedies.

Although it might be reasonable to expect an insurance company to honor its contractual obligations and take care of its policyholders, the auto insurance industry did not generate an estimated $236 billion of value in gross premiums in recent years by maximizing payouts on every potentially covered claim.  The moment drivers pursue an uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist claim, the interest of the insured in maximizing his/her financial recovery becomes directly adverse to that of the insurance company, which focuses on increasing profits. This adversarial relationship makes it important for policyholders to have an experienced Albany UM/UIM insurance attorney in this situation.

If you have been injured or prematurely lost a loved one to a negligent driver that fled the scene of an accident, speak to us today for a free consultation to learn your legal rights.  Our Albany hit and run attorneys diligently represent injury victims.

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