Police Search for Witnesses in Gwinnett County Hit and Run

It was reported by WSBTV.com, that a driver who caused a fatal crash fled the scene of the crash which occurred on Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. When officers arrived on the scene of the accident, they found a white truck on its side and the driver was ejected from his truck. This local sergeant at Phillips State Prison in Buford had been driving in the southbound lanes near Sugarloaf Parkway when an SUV driven by a 20 year old suddenly collided with his truck. The SUV driver stopped briefly after the crash but she drove away soon after. She turned herself in to the police a few hours after the accident. Under Georgia Code § 40-6-270 – “Hit and run,” drivers involved in an accident are required to stop at or return to scene of accident. Faiure to comply with Georgia Code § 40-6-270 could result in felony charges. Police are hoping to uncover witnesses to the crash in order to assist in their case against the hit and run driver.

How Witness Statements Can Help Your Car Accident Claim

Just as police search for witnesses to any hit and run accident in an effort to mount a case against the defendant, automobile accident attorneys will seek witnesses to car accidents in order to assist in automobile accident claims. Witnesses can prove vital to your car accident claim, providing powerful evidence as to fault.

Third party witnesses offer independent and unbiased testimony as to fault in the event of a car accident. Unlike drivers and their passengers whose opinions may be influenced by self-interest, independent witnesses do not have a personal or financial interest in the outcome of the case which makes their testimony compelling to juries, mediators, and the like.

Securing witness statements is not always easy. Chaos often ensues in the aftermath of a crash. An injured victim’s first thoughts will not always include talking to strangers as to what they observed. Accident victims will often further be injured, impeding their ability to conduct investigations and focus on anything other than the injury.

Your first priority is to obtain treatment for your medical injuries, but when you are able, give some thought to who may have witnessed the accident. Eyewitnesses could include drivers and passengers of other vehicles involved in the accident, people who stopped to render aid, nearby business owners and customers, and road or utility workers. Our attorneys often in the appropriate cases help our clients to identify potential witnesses and obtain statements from them in order to assist with their cases.

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