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Roswell Personal Injury Attorneys

Many lives are ruined and families torn apart by the carelessness or lack of attention of others who cause injuries in car accidents, workplace accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall incidents and many other forms of unsafe conduct. While some severe injuries and fatalities are caused by intentional or even criminal acts, the majority of injuries that form the basis of Roswell personal injury claims are the result of negligent or reckless conduct. When you or a family member suffers serious injury because of the hazardous conduct of a third party, you may struggle to pay your mortgage, household expenses and other necessary expenses. The anxiety created by these financial pressures is increased if you are disabled and unable to work for any significant period.

The experienced Roswell personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates have effectively represented personal injury victims in Roswell and throughout the state since our law firm was founded in 1984. Our Roswell personal injury lawyers understand that when you are struggling to recover from injuries and feel the stress and anxiety of being injured in a serious accident it can be hard to worry about legal claims and stonewalling by insurance companies. Many people make the mistake of trying to handle their own personal injury claim only to regret their decision. The Roswell personal injury attorneys at our law firm know that insurance companies have a team of lawyers, extensive financial resources, and vast experience in seeking favorable resolution of personal injury claims. We endeavor to balance the scales for our clients by putting a proven track record, experience, and dedication behind our clients. Our Roswell personal injury law firm has experience representing injury victims in many types of personal injury claims include the following:

Roswell Auto Accidents: While there have been dramatic improvements in motor vehicle safety, including collisions warning systems, more extensive airbag systems, and other accident avoidance measures, car accidents remain a leading cause of death with over 24,000 auto accident related fatalities per year. There are many unsafe driving practices that cause severe auto accidents in Roswell, including drivers that are texting, drinking and driving, speeding or otherwise failing to follow traffic safety laws. If you are involved in a serious Roswell auto accident, the insurance company for the at-fault driver may delay, deny or lowball your claim. Our experienced Roswell auto accident lawyers are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use to avoid or reduce settlements in car accident claims. Our experienced team of Roswell auto accident attorneys works hard to build a compelling case for our clients so that those who cause serious car accidents are held accountable for their dangerous driving practices.

Roswell Medical Malpractice Claims: Medical malpractice cases are very complex by nature and are among the most expensive to pursue (with the law firm typically advancing the money for all of the necessary costs, such as expert witness fees, and court and deposition costs, to name a few). Our Roswell medical malpractice attorneys will fight hard to win the full amount of the recover you and your family deserves.

Roswell Motorcycle Accidents: Many of our motorcycle lawyers have not only legal experience representing motorcycle accident victims but are experienced motorcycle enthusiasts. We understand the unique features of motorcycle operation that may expose riders to an increased risk of being involved in a collision and the substantial danger of more serious injuries. Our Roswell motorcycle accident attorneys recognize key issues that may play a role in a motorcycle accident including emergency braking, turning and stopping limitations, and hazard avoidance techniques.

Roswell Construction Accident Injuries: Thousands of construction workers die and tens of thousands are injured in construction accidents each year. The construction industry continues to be one of the most hazardous industries with a wide range of dangers including electrical power lines, unsafe excavations, defective heavy equipment, negligent operators of motor vehicles, poorly erected scaffoldings and other construction site hazards. Because of the physical nature of many construction jobs, a physical injury suffered on a construction job may mean the inability to work. The workers’ compensation system is essentially insurance carried by most employers that may provide medical care, wage replacement and compensation for permanent disability if you are injured while engaged in activity for the benefit of your employer. Because many types of compensation that may be recovered in a personal injury claim is not available through the workers’ compensation system, our experienced Roswell construction accident attorneys may also pursue a personal injury claim against any party other than your employer that contributed to your injuries.

Roswell Wrongful Death Claims: When a loved one is lost because of the careless or intentional conduct of a third party, the emotional pain and financial hardships can be overwhelming. Our experienced Roswell wrongful death attorneys are committed to holding those whose misconduct causes fatalities accountable for their actions. We recognize the emotional challenges that accompany the loss of someone you love. We are committed to helping the families of wrongful death victims seek the financial support they need to move past their tragedy. Although we know that nothing we can do will bring back your loved one, we can help you pursue legal action so that you can obtain some form of justice and the financial means to rebuild following the tragic loss of a loved one.

Roswell Trucking Accidents: While any motor vehicle accident poses a risk of injury, the catastrophic consequences of a Roswell tractor-trailer accident dramatically escalates the risk of injury or wrongful death. These behemoths can weigh 40 tons when fully loaded meaning that they may outweigh a passenger vehicle by more than twenty times. It is simply not the case that any “car accident attorney” is qualified to handle a Roswell trucking accident case. Trucking accident cases pose unique challenges including the need to have extensive knowledge of trucking industry regulations and issues involving preservation of evidence. Our Roswell trucking accident lawyers have been representing trucking accident victims for almost three decades. We understand the enormous challenges accident victims and their families often face in the wake of a serious Roswell tractor-trailer accident.

Roswell Pedestrian Collisions: When a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian even at low rates of speed, the resulting injuries typically are life-altering. Many pedestrian accidents occur because drivers are not paying attention near crosswalks, intersections, school zones, bus stops and other areas where pedestrians are likely to be present. Although pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, many drivers fail to respect this right of way rule or simply are indifferent to the danger posed to pedestrians by careless drivers. If you or someone you love is struck by a driver while walking, jogging or running in Roswell, our experienced Roswell pedestrian accident attorneys may be able pursue a legal claim for compensation to pay your medical bills, replace lost income and compensate you for other forms of loss, such as pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, and other forms of loss.

Roswell Slip and Fall Accidents: While it is easy to presume that few people get seriously hurt in slip and fall accidents, falls are among the leading cause of serious debilitating injury and wrongful death. Seniors in particular are susceptible to being involved in a slip and fall accident and often suffer injuries including broken hips that may take a long period to heal. A slip and fall accident may happen in a wide range of settings including on public property, residential property or commercial property. The scope of the duty of a property owner to make the property safe varies depending on the type of property, the purpose of the visitor for being present, and the nature of the hazard. Our experienced Roswell slip and fall attorneys understand that proving liability in a slip and fall case requires a careful analysis of the facts and circumstances of the incident. Our Roswell slip and fall accident lawyers have successfully represented many accident victims injured by hazards on the property.

Roswell Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Claims: As our population ages, we often face the daunting prospect of entrusting the care of someone we love to a nursing home or other residential care facility. While many nursing homes are staffed with dedicated professionals and are committed to a high standard of care, there are others that put the bottom line above providing quality care to residents. The knowledge that someone you love has been abused, exploited, or neglected can be heart wrenching. Our dedicated team of Roswell nursing home and abuse attorneys are committed to standing up for elderly victims who may be especially vulnerable to mistreatment because of dementia, Alzheimer’s or other serious age related condition. Our nursing home and abuse attorneys understand the special laws that govern residential care facilities for seniors and are committed to giving our best effort to seek the justice and compensation that abused or neglected seniors deserve.

Roswell Product Liability (Defective Products): Consumers purchase products everyday with the certainty that those products are reasonably safe. However, many people are injured annually by products that are unsafe because of shoddy manufacturing practices, untested designs and improper warnings or instructions. If you are injured by a dangerous or defective product, you may have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. The risk of injury from defective products is steadily increasing as the U.S. imports a growing number of products from countries with lax regulations and minimal safety standards. If you are injured by a defective product, our Roswell product liability attorneys offer a free initial evaluation so that we can determine whether you have a viable product liability claim.

Roswell Dog Bite Injuries: While many dog bites are minor, there are 800,000 people per year that must seek medical treatment for dog bites. Some dog bite incidents can turn into dangerous dog maulings that cause severe injury including disfigurement, damage to vital organs and even wrongful death. Dog owners are required to prevent dog bites by dogs they should know have an aggressive tendency and to control dogs in compliance with local leash laws. When an owner fails to fulfill these legal duties or otherwise is negligent (i.e. unreasonably careless) in permitting a dog to cause injury, the owner may be liable for the resulting injuries. Because dog bite cases often turn on a careful analysis of the facts, it is important to contact an experienced Roswell dog bite lawyer at Montlick and Associates promptly before critical evidence and witnesses disappear.

Roswell Workers’ Compensation Claims: While employers must comply with law and regulations designed to create a safe work place, sometimes these safety requirements get overlooked. There are many types of occupations that are by their nature hazardous including industrial manufacturing, construction, agricultural, emergency responders and other high risk occupations. The workers’ compensation system is an insurance benefit that may provide medical care, wage replacement, and compensation for long-term disability if you are injured in the workplace or while performing tasks for the benefit of your employer. Because the compensation provided by the workers’ compensation system generally is less than that provided by a personal injury claim, our experienced Roswell workers’ compensation attorneys sometime pursue both types of claims for our clients.

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