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By Montlick & Associates

Our Personal Injury Attorneys at Montlick and Associates would like to welcome you to our legal blog. The blog is designed to provide helpful information to injury victims about their legal rights and remedies, and to promote family safety so that accidents can be prevented before they happen. While our attorneys and staff have provided information on many topics, we know that you may have specific questions based on your unique situation. We invite you to contact us for your free consultation with one of our Personal Injury Lawyers so that we can evaluate your case, let you know about your legal rights and the steps that need to be taken to protect those rights, and to address your specific concerns and questions.


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Truck Accident Traumatic Brain Injuries Claims Lawyers

August 10, 2020

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are devastating injuries that are often a result of a serious motor vehicle accident.  Traumatic brain injuries can be permanent, although victims could recover some of their lost capacity through rehabilitation and other medical procedures depending on the specific injury. When the victim's nuero-pathways are damaged or destroyed, the victim may suffer paralysis, loss of brain function, loss of speaking ability, and they are often unable to function independently and must rely on others to satisfy some of life’s most basic functions.

How You Can Avoid Boating Accidents in Georgia

August 08, 2020

LAKE LANIER, GEORGIA - An article posted on provides some helpful information about safe boating and an upcoming U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Captain's License course that helps boaters stay safe and save money on boating insurance. Many groups around Lake Lanier and other large bodies of water offer boating safety courses approved by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR). Boaters are required by law to prove and demonstrate his or her understanding of Georgia's boating laws, navigation procedures, and water rules. At Montlick & Associates, Injury Attorneys, we strive to provide helpful safety resources and community programs to keep Georgia families safe.

Logging Truck Accident Attorneys

August 08, 2020

The logging industry is vital to the growth of America. Logging trucks are often encountered on many of the Interstate highways that crisscross the country. Sadly, many fatal and catastrophic logging truck accidents happen every year.  The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides specific regulations regarding logging trucks.

Primary Causes of Deadly Truck Accidents

August 06, 2020

Analysts who studied commercial truck accidents performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) discovered main causes for truck wrecks after the number of fatal truck crashes increased from 2017 to 2018. The FMCSA considered these causes of fatal or catastrophic truck crashes as “hidden.” Additionally, statistics show that 82% of deaths caused by truck crashes were someone other than the truck driver. People who die in truck crashes are the other drivers on the road, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and bicycle riders. 

Dunwoody’s New Law Used to Charge Driver

August 05, 2020

DUNWOODY, GA- A driver struck a cyclist in Dunwoody recently and became the first individual to face cyclist-related charges under the city’s vulnerable road user law, according to REPORTERNEWSPAPERS.NET. Dunwoody’s law went into effect on May 1, 2020. Under the new law, drivers must leave at least three feet of space between their vehicle and a cyclist when passing. The driver may have to veer into the opposite lane of traffic to do so, and in some cases, may have to wait for a safe opportunity to pass if there is no way to do so while providing the mandatory three feet. Drivers unable to provide adequate space must follow at a distance. A total of twenty citations have been issued related to the ordinance since it went into effect.

Water Slide at Universal Allegedly Responsible for Over 100 Injuries

August 03, 2020

According to an online news report published on the and, well over 100 riders sustained personal injuries while riding Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay water slide. In a recent lawsuit filed against Universal Orlando Resort, a man from New York is alleging the popular water slide injured him, resulting in the man being paralyzed from the neck down. 

Georgia Police Cracking Down on Speeding

July 31, 2020

THOMASVILLE, GA - Georgia police officers are working to prevent drivers from speeding through “Operation Southern Shield,” according to WALB.COM. Law enforcement in the state have said that the campaign has led to a decline in traffic deaths in recent years.*

No Seatbelts Worn in Ninety Percent of Fatal Crashes in Virginia

July 28, 2020

KENBRIDGE, VA — The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that seatbelts were not worn in 90% of all traffic fatalities in certain counties in the Commonwealth. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles examined fatal car crashes in the counties of Buckingham, Charlotte, Prince Edward, Cumberland, and Lunenburg. The Virginia Department of motor vehicles observed that the number of fatal crashes is higher in 2020 compared to 2019 during the time frame between January 1st and July 17th. According to an article appearing in the Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch, twelve people have lost their lives in auto accidents thus far in 2020 compared to nine through the same benchmark in 2019. 

Trumbull county Motorcycle Crashes on the Rise

July 28, 2020

TRUMBULL COUNTY, OH- writes that with motorcycle crashes on the Rise in Trumbull County, data suggests that these collisions are mostly the fault of other drivers and not the motorcyclists. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is now issuing a safety reminder to motorists to keep an eye out for smaller vehicles.

America’s Safest Cities To Drive

July 27, 2020

USA- There are many factors that lead to a city being more or less dangerous for drivers. With more than 36,000 fatalities on the roads in 2018, there are deadly risks on the road.  Most of these incidents are preventable tragedies that result from irresponsible and dangerous drivers. Drunk driving, distracted motorists, and other common hazardous driving behaviors are to blame for about 94 percent of all collisions.

Georgia Law Enforcement is Cracking Down on Speeding Motorists in "Operation Southern Shield"

July 23, 2020

GEORGIA- writes that Georgia police officers are working to catch motorists who are violating the state's speed limits. The "Operation Southern Shield" comes as drivers have been taking to the road at higher than normal speeds. The COVID-19 pandemic left many roadways with lighter than normal traffic, and some drivers viewed the open roads as an invitation to hit speeds that would not normally be possible. Police are now addressing the problem and working to catch those drivers who are making the roads more dangerous for everyone.*

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