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Complex Challenges for Injured Passengers in Carpool Accidents

March 19, 2018

Atlanta Auto Collision Lawyers Discuss the Complex Challenges for Injured Passengers in Carpool Accidents 

There are many people that rely on carpools when commuting to work or transporting kids to school to avoid traffic, increase productivity during their trip, promote fuel efficiency, or a variety of other reasons.  While carpools offer many benefits, they also can result in car accidents that cause serious injury or even wrongful death.  When you are involved in a carpool accident, the process of seeking legal compensation can depend on a variety of factors.  Our Atlanta auto collisions lawyers discuss the special issues involved in personal injury claims involving injuries incurred by passengers in carpools.

Georgia Legislature Questions the Wisdom of Passing Law Prohibiting Texting While Driving

March 19, 2018

Georgia Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys Discuss the Potential Ramifications if the Measure Does Not Pass

Georgia House Bill 673, which passed Georgia's House of Representatives in a landslide vote after amendment, appears to have staunch opponents going forward. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia's five Republican candidates for governor along with several other legislators oppose House Bill 673. The opponents to House Bill 673 claim that the law is nothing more than another instance of "Big Brother" invading our personal space and telling us how to act, but the fate of House Bill 673 is in the Georgia Senate's hands.

Over-The-Counter Medications Can Lead To Impaired Driving

March 18, 2018

A popular misconception exists about the effect over-the-counter medicines can have on a motor vehicle operator. Most people do not consider over-the-counter drugs to have the ability to impair a driver. However, numerous over-the-counter medicines can make a driver drowsy. Motorists who fail to pay close attention to the medicines they take and how those drugs can affect a person's ability to drive safely endanger those on the road with them. The impaired driving accident lawyers with Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law exhaust their extensive knowledge of the law to uncover causes of accidents in the appropriate cases, including drivers who are impaired by medication they bought without a prescription.

Going Beyond the Medical Bills: Pain and Suffering In Georgia Personal Injury Actions

March 18, 2018

Georgia Accident Attorneys Explains Emotional Damages in Georgia Personal Injury Claims

Georgia law permits lawyers to argue to a jury that their clients should receive compensation for their pain and suffering. The law allows attorneys in personal injury lawsuits to argue that the jury should consider the effect that the incident had on the plaintiff. That goes beyond calculating all of the “special damages,” such as medical bills and lost wages, along with direct and consequential damages. Assessing damages for pain and suffering requires juries to consider how the car accident, or another traumatic incident affected the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s family. Pain and suffering damages are meant to quantify damages that cannot be itemized, such as medical bills or lost wages. The question of how much pain and suffering a jury might award could come down to the difference between the accident victim’s life before and after the incident, taking into consideration the psychological pain the victim suffered as well as how the victim’s injuries affect their life. 

Insurance Company Advises Customers How To Avoid Liability For Accident

March 17, 2018

Insurance Company Tactics Used to Reduce the Amount of Your Claim, Settlement or Potential Award

Car insurance is big business in the U.S. Over 268 million cars, truck, vans, SUVs, and commercial vehicles were registered in 2016 in the U.S. Multiply that number of registered vehicles times the average insurance premium, and it is easy to see that there is much money to be made. The basic economic model of an insurance company is to receive more money in premium payments than paying out in claims. Thus, auto insurers have an incentive to lower the amount of money they pay out in liability. It stands to reason that they might "coach" their customers how to mitigate the company's losses.

Ford Issues Urgent Recall of 1.4 Million Cars Over Threat of Steering Wheel Falling Off

March 17, 2018

Parts Needed to Repair Problem Will Not Be Ready In April of 2018

Ford Motor, Inc.announced that it is recalling 1.4 million vehicles due to possibility that the steering wheel could fall off while the car is in motion. The motor vehicles included in the recall are the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ from the years 2014-2018. Nearly all of the affected cars are in the United States. According to Ford, 1.3 million recalled vehicles were sold in the U.S. The problem to be addressed by the recall has already caused injuries as well as property damage. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported yet.

Psychological Trauma Associated with Severe Facial Injury or Disfigurement

March 16, 2018

Georgia Facial Scar Accident Attorneys Address Psychological Trauma Associated with Severe Facial Injury or Disfigurement

Our face and our physical appearance make a statement to all who see it. Unfortunately, we know others can judge us by our physical appearance. For people who have been scarred in an accident, the emotional and physiological trauma can be so great that they feel like others constantly scrutinize their appearance. Their scar tells a story, whether they want it to or not. A prominent scar will draw undesired attention from others. This harsh reality makes it difficult for the person who must now try to live with the scar and to deal with it in a healthy way so they can hopefully lead an as normal and productive life as possible. It is not always easy.

Georgia Spine Injury Lawyers Describe Spinal Cord Injuries Suffered in Car Crashes

March 16, 2018

Montlick & Associates Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Aggressively Advocate for Paralyzed Auto Accident Victims

Despite the latest technology in the last few decades such as airbags, crumple zones, and crash avoidance systems, people will get hurt or killed in car wrecks. Motor vehicles colliding at high speeds with another vehicle or another object impart tremendous force and strain on the occupants of the vehicle. The human body can withstand a tremendous pounding. However, the body can and will break. The force created during a car crash propels the occupants’ heads and bodies around the vehicle’s interior. The momentum of the collision on the human spine can cause it to stretch and even rupture which causes a spinal cord injury.

Think Missing a Couple of Hours of Sleep Per Week is No Big Deal? Think Again.

March 15, 2018

Atlanta Tired Driver Accident Lawyers Montlick & Associates Describe the Dangerous of Fatigued Driving

The American Automobile Association, perhaps better known as AAA, released its findings in February 2018 from a study it conducted regarding the frequency of fatigued drivers and the correlation to motor vehicle crashes. Federal agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Administration track fatigued driving as well. However, AAA found that the incidence of fatigued driving accidents is much higher than initially reported and is the most underreported cause of a motor vehicle crash.

Question of Liability - Injuries Sustained After a Fall in a Hotel Tub

March 15, 2018

Georgia Slip and Fall Attorneys Montlick & Associates Addresses Question of Liability

A case decided in the First Division of the Georgia Court of Appeals could limit a hotel's liability for dangerous conditions that caused a slip and fall. The decision came down on February 1, 2018. At first glance, the decision may seem to excuse hotels from responsibility for damages a guest suffers after falling on the hotel premises. Georgia law will allow the hotel guest to recover damages, but the hotel guest must prove that the fall was more than an accident.

Georgia Car Crashes Caused by Damaged Tires

March 14, 2018

Georgia Car Accident Attorneys Representing Victims of Crashes Caused by Damaged Tires

Georgia law requires all motor vehicles operating in Georgia must have tires that are in good repair. Failing to maintain tires properly is a motor vehicle offense under Georgia law because balding or damaged tires create dangerous conditions for all other motorists on the road. A balding tire could easily wear out at the wrong time and explode. The rapid loss of air pressure in the destroyed tire might throw the car violently around. The sudden loss of air could cause the driver to lose control, which, in turn, could cause in a serious accident that might result in substantial injuries or death to the innocent victims of the other vehicles involved in the crash. Even tires with low air pressure do not allow for safe operation of the vehicle.

The Threat of Fire Forces BMW to Recall some of its Most Popular Vehicles

March 14, 2018

Georgia Recall Attorneys Warn that BMW Drivers Must Get Repairs Before Tragedy Strikes

According to a recent recall notice issued by Bavarian Motor Works, better known as BMW, 1.4 million cars need to have repairs to prevent the car from catching fire. BMW suggests that drivers of BMW vehicles should not use their garages or park them inside until the car has been repaired. Two problems surfaced requiring the recall. BMW owners and lessees received information that the repairs would begin in mid-December of 2017. No owner has claimed damage nor have any injuries been reported.  BMW appears to have escaped without further liability for consequential damages to this juncture. However, the threat remains active until all affected cars receive the necessary repairs.

Car Wrecks Caused by Not Signaling in Georgia

March 13, 2018

Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law Serve Victims Motor Vehicle Crashes and Their Families by Fighting for Justice

Anyone who has ever been in a car in Georgia has felt the frustration, which can boil to the point of pure anger, of being so inconsiderate as to refuse to use a vehicle’s directional signals, which are not hard to use. In fact, Georgia law obligates a driver to signal when turning, changing lanes, or slowing down. Why? Because failing to signal is dangerous. Other motorists are in danger. Also, pedestrians and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to drivers who refuse to turn on their directionals. Countless lives could be saved, and so could billions of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and property damage if all drivers used their directional signals when required by law.

Georgia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Discuss Blind spot Collisions

March 12, 2018

Blind Spot Pedestrian Accidents in Georgia

The number of pedestrians killed in 2017 rose to unacceptable levels. Experts cite various reasons for the carnage on our roads. Distracted driving is one of the most often cited explanations for a fatal pedestrian crash. Distracted walking is another reason why deaths have escalated. Drivers must be more vigilant than ever as people mindlessly attempt to navigate busy intersections while staring down at the time computer in their hands. These pedestrians could unwittingly walk into a driver’s blindspot and be struck by the driver who never saw the person walking into the car’s path of travel.

The Physical Forces Applied to Body In A Truck Crash

March 11, 2018

Montlick & Associates Large Truck Crash Lawyers Discuss The Physical Forces Applied to Body In A Truck Crash

The drivers in Georgia are very familiar with the rumble of large, tractor-trailer trucks on the Interstates that crisscross the state. The roar of the wheels is the sound of commerce moving throughout the state and through Georgia to its neighbors. Georgia drivers also understand well the danger sharing the roads with 18-wheelers could present. Those of us who drive smaller cars must be wary of driving near a semi-truck because one wrong move by the truck driver and could suffer catastrophic injuries or death in a large truck crash.

Will Legalizing Marijuana Increase Pedestrian Accidents in Georgia?

March 10, 2018

The Georgia Legislature is considering whether they should legalize marijuana. Several states have already "legalized" marijuana to a certain extent. One of the questions that the Georgia legislature must consider during their discussions on the topic is whether permitting personal use of marijuana will create a dangerous situation on Georgia's roads. The preliminary findings of a study of pedestrian accidents conducted by the Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) suggest that the states which have legalized marijuana have experienced a tremendous increase in pedestrian fatalities in car accidents while those states without legalized marijuana laws saw a decrease in pedestrian accidents. No matter what political stance you take on the subject, everyone should agree that the findings made by the GHSA deserve consideration.

The Role of the Paramedic at a Georgia Accident Scene

March 09, 2018

Montlick & Associates Car Accident Attorneys Describe the Role of the Paramedic at an Accident Scene

The scene of a car crash can be chaotic. Of course, the amount of chaos depends on how many cars involved and how severe people might be injured. Even a single car accident scene might be chaotic. We rely on first responders to treat and comfort the injured as well as extricate those who are trapped. Police officers, paramedics, and firefighters receive specialized training about how to deal with car wrecks safely. They also have a duty to provide help carefully, according to the standards in their profession, and could be responsible for any injuries they cause to their patients, similar to that of a doctor. Therefore, it is important to understand the protocols a paramedic must follow at an accident scene.

Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries Caused by a Georgia Auto Accident

March 08, 2018

Neck injuries are common in auto accidents. Neck sprains or strains occur when the car in which you are riding suddenly stops. Your head keeps moving in the same direction the car was headed until something acts against it to stop the momentum. Your head then violently reacts to the sudden change in momentum and is thrown in the opposite direction, or even sideways, depending on where the momentum of the crash redirects your car. The tossing of your head and neck can cause severe neck sprains or strains. The most common treatment for neck injuries involving the muscles and ligaments is physical therapy. Physical therapy has many benefits that can help you get back on your feet. However, attorneys who defend insurance companies know how to attack your physical therapy regimen and minimize its necessity and value to you.

Payless Store Mirror Falls and Fatality Injuries Small Child

March 07, 2018 reported that, according to officials, a two-year-old girl died when a full-length mirror fell on her while she was shopping at a Payless Shoe Source in Georgia.  While trying on shoes with her mother, the full-length mirror crashed down on the child.  The toddler was rushed to the hospital, where she later tragically died.  The child’s father was quoted as stating, “I feel dead like I am no more…that was my little girl.”

Fatal Lumber Mill Workplace Accident Demonstrates Importance of 3rd Party Lawsuits

March 06, 2018

If you work in an industrial or manufacturing job, there are many potential hazards.  When employees are injured on-the-job, they can normally pursue a workers’ compensation claim against their employer.  The Georgia workers’ compensation system generally provides an exclusive remedy against an employer for injuries incurred in the course and scope of employment, regardless of fault.  In the case of fatal accidents, the Georgia workers’ compensation system also authorizes death benefits to dependents, which may include burial costs up to a monetary limit as well as medical expenses incurred between the time of injury and death. 

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