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Montlick and Associates Reviews

Client satisfaction is very important to us. We continually ask our clients whether they are satisfied with our services and how we can improve. We invite you to view our most recent client testimonials and hear the personal stories of accident victims who have been helped by our personal injury law firm.

Woman sitting outside thinks about her personal injury case
Low-Impact Car Crash Injury: Carrie's Story

Man sitting on bench remembers workers comp case
Construction Injury: Kenneth's Story

women remembers her car crash injury
Tractor-Trailer Accident Injury: Silvia's Story

personal injury client thinks about her motor vehicle accident
Motor Vehicle Accident Neck, Back & Leg Injuries: Jane’s Story

Woman talks about her rear-end collision injury
Rear-End Collision: Genesis’ Story

My wife and I were very happy with our results video thumb
"My wife and I were very happy with our results."

I highly recommend Montlick & Associates video thumb
"I highly recommend Montlick & Associates."

We feel very fortunate that we chose Montlick & Associates video thumb
"We feel very fortunate that we chose Montlick & Associates."

They’re a good firm and they do care.
"They’re a good firm and they do care."

"I rate Montlick & Associates, Attorneys a 10! I called the firm because I needed a really good Georgia truck accident lawyer. They return phone calls, check on clients and keep them well-informed about their case. They are always friendly and courteous, showing care and concern. I feel they have covered everything carefully and professionally. My family has used other auto accident attorneys in Georgia before, and Montlick & Associates is the best!"
"Montlick & Associates are the best Georgia personal injury attorneys. I was represented twice by Montlick & Associates, Attorneys for Atlanta auto accident claims in the past 15 years, and I got the best service possible as well as a very caring and understanding staff to help me through difficult times."
"Montlick & Associates is professional and also warm and caring. I feel like they have my needs at heart. I feel that my cases are being handled very well."
"Your people show that they are concerned, they get in touch with you promptly, they keep me informed of the progress and I thank you so kindly for showing someone cares. Thank you again."
"Very good at listening and taking time to answer all my questions. Didn't make me feel like I was anything less than your most important client. My Montlick & Associates attorney has been very helpful and genuinely concerned about my welfare! I give Montlick & Associates an A++."
"You have done a superior job. You have gone way above and beyond the call of duty, and I just want to let you know that you are one helluva law firm. And your legal assistant is wonderful, too! She has just been great, answering my questions, and all that kind of stuff. And I just want you to know that you've got a great bunch of people working there. And anytime I ever have a problem, I guarantee y'all will have my business. I just want to let you know that you all are top-notch people."
"Every aspect of my case has been handled with great care and concern from my attorney. Don't change anything, stay just the way you are."
"Everyone I talk to at Montlick & Associates when I have a problem listens to me, understands me and treats me with the utmost respect."
"Have really been impressed with your personnel so far and you keep me well informed. If anyone can help you can! I am very impressed with your special programs. I wish more people and companies as well as attorneys would care especially for children and people who are done wrong like myself to make sure that justice is done. Thank you Montlick & Associates!"
"I truly think that Montlick & Associates are one of the best friends to have on my case."
"I was pleased and surprised how quickly things were accomplished."
"When I talk to Montlick & Associates I feel that they are really listening and interested in what I have to say. They are always helpful when I needed answers- and when I didn't understand they took the time to explain things so that I did. Keeps me up to date on everything."
"I really do appreciate the time and effort you guys have done. Thank you very much for a job well done."
"Your services are good, keep up the good work in the community, which we need more of for our children."
"Thank you for working with me, and nice to be working with your firm!"
"Please don't change a thing. Montlick & Associates is great in helping people like me -- thank God for a firm like you all."
"Professionalism. Keeps me informed of the progress in my case."
"Got investigator right out. Got home health care for me. Always keeps me updated."
"So far, Sir, we are pleased with aspects of your handling the case for my daughter, Crystal. God bless you all for a fine job."
"I am very impressed with the way Montlick & Associates keeps me informed with the progress and need to know information regarding my case. Service is very professional."
"Stay the same caring people and you shall stay #1 in my book."
"I appreciate the thoroughness of explaining what is happening with my case."
"I think your firm is doing a very good job."
"I love the way I am always informed of the progress of my case."
"I truly thank you all. You are doing a real good job."
"Your service is very professional. Keep up the good work."
"Attorney and staff receive an A+ for communication."
"I am very pleased with the prompt attention I received after talking with my attorney and I appreciate the correspondence I have received concerning this case."
"You all are very professional. Just keep up the good work."
"My attorney has been extremely helpful - super nice person!"
"Supplying information pertaining to the case is always done very well."
"They are helpful and listen to everything you tell them. I am very satisfied."
"I think that the fact that they will come to you instead of you having to come to the office is a big plus."
"I do not think you can get better, that means you all are A-O.K!"
"So far everything is great, keep doing what you have been doing. Thank You!"
"If all of your attorneys are as polite and knowledgeable as my attorney is for me, I see no need for improvement."
"Ya'll are doing very good."
"Keep up the good work. Thank you."
"Keep doing what you are doing. I am very satisfied with your help. Thank you."
"I am very pleased with Montlick & Associates, attorneys and with the way you handle my case."
"Your firm has been doing a very good job on my case. I hope this progress keeps up. Thank you very much."
"Nothing needs to be improved."
"I think that your services are very great in helping people."
"Everything has been handled exactly as it should be."
"Helping children is a very worthy cause. No improvement is needed on my case."
"I am very pleased with the service so far. I appreciate the helpful answers to my questions about my property damages."
"I am really satisfied with the information sent to me from your office."
"We are completely satisfied with the service we have received thus far. You listened very well when we called for the first time. You explained all of my rights under the law so that I could understand them."
"No need to improve, Montlick & Associates are the best."
"I am very pleased with the services you are rendering to me. My attorney is a good lawyer and I know he is working very hard."
"I think your firm is doing a very good job."
"Everybody is doing a wonderful job so far."
"I think Montlick & Associates has very friendly assistants. I'm very pleased to have you on my side, Thanks!"
"You are doing a great job!"
"We are very pleased with the service we have received from Montlick & Associates. We appreciate the time and care our attorney has given us."
"Everything is great. I am very satisfied."
"Seems to be very thorough."
"She is a very concerned and efficient lawyer. Keep up the good work."
"They advise me about everything and they also took the time to review my options."
"I like Montlick & Associates, because they get right on the case, and are very friendly people to talk to."
"Everything has been handled professionally, I am more than pleased. Excellent."
"Very helpful, that's hard to find. Thanks a lot!"
"You are doing great, keep up the good work."
"I am very satisfied with their courtesy and professionalism. They keep me informed of any progress pertaining to my case."
"You all are doing a wonderful job in keeping the kids safe."
"I am very happy and impressed with this firm. Don't leave out the investigator on my case, he is the best."
"I'm well pleased with my attorney and so far your office has done a fine job."
"I am very satisfied with the way my case is handled."
"Kept us informed on what was going on."
"So far the staff has been great."
"Nothing needs to change nor improve. I am very satisfied. I greatly appreciate you taking the time and effort to handle my case."
"Very friendly and courteous, easy to talk to, makes you feel comfortable."
"I think ya'll do a great job!"
"Thank you for all you have done and what you keep doing."
"Montlick & Associates are very satisfying in dealing with my case. Takes the time to answer any questions I might have about the case."
"Services are very good."
"Keep doing the great work you are doing."
"Always informed. Information is updated. Right to the point."
"Excellent, very good people to know. I think they're an excellent team to work with. Couldn't be any better."
"Montlick & Associates are very organized and on task. I am glad this firm represents me."
"We are very happy to tell you that we are very satisfied with your help and the job you've done for us. We are happy to recommend you to our friends and relatives. Again, thank you very much."
"Job Well Done!"
"The attorney, as well as the firm, has very much fulfilled all loose ties to this case. Very remarkable."
"They are very friendly. There was always someone there to help with any problem I had."
"We would like to thank you for the help we received from our attorney. He was always there for us. He is a very professional, conscientious, intelligent attorney. We would highly recommend him. He should be promoted!"
"Keep up the good job you are doing."
"Everyone has been most helpful. I do not feel that any question has been left uncovered. Great timely effort on attorney's part. Thank you."
"Your service is great!"
"Good people to work with. I hope y'all keep up the good work. If I ever have any question or problem I hope I can count on y'all to help me out."
"Everything to date has been well done. Your firm has stayed in touch regularly. Everything is perfect. Thanks!"
"I am very pleased with how the case is being handled. I am also pleased with your firm for keeping in touch and making sure that I am satisfied. Thank you very much!"
"I appreciate the prompt immediate action as well as the personal interest shown by Montlick & Associates."
"Your work is done well."
"We have been pleased and appreciate the effort that you have made."
"All aspects of my case are very well done."
"I think that you are doing a great job, please continue."
"You didn't waste any time, I am very pleased."
"Montlick & Associates are very prompt, friendly and professional."
"I appreciate what your firm is doing for me and my family. Thank you."
"Your services have been very helpful to me."
"I appreciate you answering all of my questions concerning my case."
"Just keep up the good work. Thanks!"
"Sending me copies of what is going on with my case is very helpful."
"Everyone at Montlick & Associates has been very helpful and nice. They seem very competent."
"I appreciate the concern that has been shown by each person who has talked with me."
"My attorney seems to be doing a great job in every aspect. There's nothing bad I can say about her work. I'm proud to have her working for me."
"You are doing great."
"I am very satisfied in every aspect."
"My Montlick & Associates' Attorney has been wonderful to me and really seems concerned for my well being. He is a very caring attorney."
"Everything has been done very well."
"Explains things clearly and keeps me informed of progress."
"I was kept informed, they returned my calls, they kept checking on my condition. Keep up the good work!"
"Very satisfied with the assistant to my attorney for helping me with problems I had."
"We need more law firms like Montlick & Associates"
"Your service is very good, Thank You."
"My attorney is interested in my well being."
"I don't see any reasons for improvement."
"I felt that there was a concern for me as an individual."
"I am very impressed by the frequent correspondence from my Montlick & Associates attorney."
"Continue striving forth in the path of a successful law firm. You do great work."
"Attorney always keeps me informed about what is happening with my case."
"The attorney and assistant keep me well informed with written notices."
"I am 100 percent satisfied with the services provided by Montlick & Associates."
"Very impressed; our needs have all been addressed and met."
"My case has been handled quite well by Montlick & Associates."
"Attorney does her job very well."
"My attorney keeps me informed of the progress of the case."
"Everything is excellent; they are doing a great job."
"My whole case has been handled very well."
"I am very happy with the performance of my attorney."
"I am very satisfied with your services. You are an excellent law firm and I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you Montlick & Associates."
"My attorney is very helpful and seems to really care."
"Keep doing the same thing you are doing now. Everything is great."
"Your people are the Greatest. I have no Complaints."
"I feel that Montlick & Associates is a well organized firm."
"I have received professional and prompt service from the first time I called Montlick & Associates."
"Montlick & Associates have kept me well informed about my case."
"Attorney explains things to me clearly."
"The overall process has been done on a professional level."
"I am happy with Montlick & Associates."
"I think you all are the best."
"Keep up the good work that you are doing."
"Attorney took time with my concerns and made me feel comfortable."
"I think everyone is doing a great job."
"I am extremely satisfied with your services."
"Attorney is very professional and he explains things clearly to me."
"My attorney makes me feel like I am being taken care of."
"I couldn't have asked for a better or a more professional firm than Montlick and Associates."
"I have been very pleased with your service."
"Overall performance has been excellent."
"Very satisfied with the services I have received from Montlick Associates."
"Please keep up the good work Montlick & Associates. Thank you!"
"We are very appreciative of the thoroughness."
"Attorney has done well, and I am very satisfied with his performance and legal advise."
"I appreciate everything you have helped me with in my case."
"Keep up the fantastic job!"
"Attorney is informative, returns phone calls, and personalized consultations are well done."
"I think you all should just keep up the good job."
"Your help is ever so wonderful."
"I think you are fine the way you are."
"You're doing a great job."
"Montlick & Associates is doing a great job. There isn't any need for improvement."
"Montlick & Associates is doing a great job Thank you."
"Keep up the good work."
"I am satisfied with everything!"
"I am very pleased with how Montlick & Associates handled by case"
"Your law firm is perfect!"
"You are doing great."
"No need for improvement."
"Written correspondence is excellent!"
"I think that my Montlick & Associates attorney is doing what is in our best interest."
"Prompt in keeping me informed about what's going on."
"Montlick and Associates is an excellent firm."
"Keep up the good work; I am very satisfied with your services."
"You're very good at keeping me informed about what's happening."
"I am very pleased with everything."
"Keep up the good work!"
"We are satisfied with the service at Montlick and Associates."
"I was kept well informed about my case. Plenty of documents were sent to me to keep me abreast of what was going on with my case. Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful. I've been very pleased with your services."
"I would like to thank everyone at Montlick & Associates, for helping me. If it had not been for you all I could not have paid for my therapy. Everyone was so nice and pleasant on the phone. If anyone in my family or me need you we'll give you a call."
"After having talked to the people in your firm I felt that they were concerned about me. I have been treated very well and always feel that whoever I'm talking to are very nice and friendly."
"So far I have been greatly satisfied. I have nothing to add to the already competent services I've received thus far."
"I would like to comment on the superb job the attorney and staff did on my behalf in my previous case!"
"After a free consultation on phone I was very impressed by the Investigator and very much so by the attorney. Works very hard to do his best. He has been a very good attorney. As for improvements-I can't think of any right now."
"So far has done a very good job. No complaint whatsoever. Everything so far is very good."
"Keeps me informed as to progress and what needs to be done."
"Montlick & Associates have been very nice and organized."
"Keeps me informed with my case."
"I'm just pleased with the overall representation I'm receiving from my attorney. I trust her and that's all that matters to me."
"My attorney is a very understanding person and knows his job well."
"Everything has been very well done. You all are doing a very wonderful job. Keep up the good work!"
"Keeps me well informed. Great job, terrific law firm!"
"The attorney really saved me from being put in a bad position. The assistant is truly wonderful and very helpful."
"I like the way they handle everything. They are very, very good at what they do. I like that."
"I greatly appreciate the thorough investigation of my case pertaining to all legal matters, as well as the professional way it was carried out was well done."
"Keep on doing the good work."
"The attorney was very kind. He willingly answered all my questions. The time I talked to him could not be improved upon. I was satisfied with all his answers."
"I'm just very pleased with the attorney and his assistants. This is my second time using an attorney and there is no comparison with your firm and the other one I used before."
"The personal care- you feel like your attorney is there just for you. So helpful and considerate. I feel very blessed to be led to Montlick & Associates. I feel like they are really out to help me in my case. Don't change anything! "
"Very professional in handling case and inform me of progress in my case. Thank you very much."
"Keeps me informed about the case (Doctors, hospital & emergency room report). Keep up the good work!"
"Keep up the good work."
"You guys fight for the little people. With God and Montlick & Associates there's always a promise of positive change. Thoroughly satisfied."
"I am very impressed with how quickly everything is moving along and how concerned the attorney seems to be with me."
"We are happy with Montlick & Associates' services. The attorney has been very professional and kind. Thank you."
"Montlick & Associates sends letters very often letting me know what is happening step by step. I myself am very pleased with the way your law firm works."
"Before contacting Montlick & Associates, every person that I had spoken to in reference to my accident was uninformative, unhelpful and rude. The attorney and his assistant have been very helpful and have done an excellent job of answering my questions, returning my calls and keeping me up to date. Thanks!"
"To me I had wonderful services. I couldn't have ask for better services than I got."
"I am very satisfied with your service."
"I think the services were excellent. My attorney is a very good man."
"My experiences with Montlick & Associates have been very rewarding. He was a very, very good attorney."
"Was very prompt & informative."
"Keep up the good work."
"Everything you do is great."
"Professionalism (well done) helping a client when he really needs help in getting to a doctor or needs something."
"Very friendly and genuinely concerned about your needs."
"I called several attorneys and chose Montlick & Associates only. The attorney assigned to my case was very concerned and friendly. I have been very pleased."
"Getting back to potential clients almost immediately - Excellent
Keep in touch with clients either by mail or phone - Excellent
Making sure you understand all documents - Excellent
Always concerned about health condition of client - Excellent
Very much satisfied with services thus far."
"As of right now I think that you're doing a great job by keeping me informed of what's going on. Thank you!"
"My attorney is handling my case very well and I don't think there's any need for improvement. You don't need improvement. All your people are doing a great job for me and I'm sure plenty of others."
"I am really pleased with the rapid responses performed by my attorney."
"Montlick & Associates has done a good job- they don't need any suggestions for improvement."
"We are very pleased with our attorney and her assistant."
"I am most impressed that I have always been completely informed during these proceedings."
"Excellent job keeping me updated on the progress of my case. My attorney and his staff has done so much for me since my accident. I would like to thank Montlick and Associates so much. They all have been so nice to me too. Thanks so much to all."
"Treated us in a very good manner. Kept me informed on everything. Returns my calls. Explains everything well. Everything's been great. Thank you all so much for all the help on our case."
"I am very pleased with the way Montlick & Associates has handled things from the start. I am very pleased with the professionalism. Very pleased with the way they listen to me and clear explain things in a way that I can understand. I think that your services are great. I truly would recommend your services without any hesitation."
"Always answers questions. If not in, returns calls quickly. Explains what we need to do. Gives advice. Has helped with Dr. appointments we couldn't have gotten ourselves. The Montlick & Associates attorney assigned to my case has been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with."
"Everything was taken care of in a very professional manner. Had no problem with the firm whatsoever, a very good job. Thank you."
"Well done: Good job returning phone calls. Letting me know important information and updating me on the progress of my case. Letters come on a regular basis. Everything is well done and handled on a professional basis."
"Well done: Communications with Investigator. Friendly response from office. Follow up on all correspondence. Keeping in touch."
"I've had the pleasure of being represented by Montlick & Associates before. Very professional, very competent company. Keep everything the way it is. My attorney is very nice, concerned and professional. She's a class act. Thank you for her."
"I'm very grateful to have an attorney like mine at Montlick & Associates. He has been excellent at answering my calls, listening to what I have to say and answering all my questions. He has kept me well informed as to everything being done for me. No suggestions, just keep up the good work."
"My attorney is very professional. If at anytime I call and he is not in to ask a question, my calls are returned promptly with answers. Thank you Montlick & Associates."
"I am satisfied with everything. The Montlick & Associates attorney assigned to my case carefully listens to you, is interested in help you, and always returns your phone call."
"I rate as excellent everyone connected with the Montlick & Associates' firm. I am very pleased."
"Montlick & Associates' concern for my welfare is genuine."
"Calls back, explaining everything that happens in my case, good customer (client) service."
"The fact of getting information to me and being informed at all times of what is happening really pleases me, as does the professionalism from the entire staff. Than you Montlick & Associates."
"So far Montlick & Associates are very good, and they let me know what's going on and keep me updated. They are very friendly on the phone. They talk to me very nice. Keep on being friendly, treating clients so well and helping providing them what they need on the cases that you dealing with. You are all great!"
"I am very impressed with Montlick & Associates' professionalism. They are very skilled in all legal matters, and keeps you informed of progress on cases. I am very satisfied. Thank you."
"My attorney at Montlick & Associates listens attentively, explains things clearly, very professional, seems very skilled. I'm very satisfied and do not have any comments that might relate to improvement."
"Well done: Keeping me informed by mail. Calls me on a regular basis to see how I'm doing. I am always able to talk with someone who's working on my case. Very courteous and friendly."
"I think you all are doing a very good job and I do recommend people to you because the first case you all handled for me was handled in a very expeditious manner and that's what made me seek you for my second case."
"Well done: Keeping me informed of what you all are doing. Sending the investigator out right away. Being so helpful."
"I am very glad I called your office. I have nothing to complain about nor any suggestions for improving your services. Montlick & Associates is the best. Thank you all for being so kind"
"The attorney assigned to my case keeps me informed of all developments in my case. Lets me know if and when there is something I need to do to help him in my case. Answers all my questions in a professional and courteous manner. Overall, I am very satisfied with the services of your firm. I cannot think of anything at this time that would improve these services."
"In regards to our case, I cannot think of anything that could improve the way it was handled by Montlick & Associates! Everything was done superbly!"
" Well done: Come to your home on a one on one visit. Calls back.
Concerned. Gets the job done."
"Well done: The promptness in getting in touch with me after my initial call to your office."
" Well done: Calls to see how I am doing. Listens to what I have to say.
Very, very friendly and considerate. I think your services are great!"
"I get a lot of letters informing me that they are working on my case. When I call they tell me what's going on with my case. I am well satisfied because I know they will do their best in my case. I can't think of anything you can do to improve your services at this time. I know your work for me in the past was very commendable and I would recommend my family friend to your firm at any time."
"Your services was very good and will use again if need be."
"Keeping me updated on the progress of my case. Very polite and professional."
"There's nothing else to do. Montlick & Associates does the best I ever seen."
"My case was handled in a timely manner by Montlick & Associates. I was provided with the information that I need to follow to stay informed. Keep up the good work!!! "
"Keep doing great work and services."
"Well done by Montlick & Associates: Making sure I was taken care. Getting back to me whenever I called. I'm very, very satisfied with your firm. I would refer Montlick & Associates to anybody. You do a great job. Keep up the great work."
"You guys were on the job non stop! I like the way Montlick & Associates got on the case and gathered information pertaining to the accident. I also like the way they keep me updated in every matter no matter how small. I think with the skills you guys have that you should start a small school of law for Paralegals or something. Give the education back to the community."
"Well done: Explaining things carefully. Keeps you informed about your case. Very professional. Carefully listens to you."
"Well done by Montlick & Associates: The quick service after making an appointment. The good clear explanations given by the attorney. The quality and concern of the attorney and staff. The confidence I had and assurance that my case would be well handled by the attorney assigned to my case."
"Keeps me informed on what's being done on my case. I am very satisfied."
"The attorney has proved to me that she is concerned and follows up with every detail. She follows up on even the small things and quickly provides an answer."
"I think Montlick & Associates are moving my case on at a fast pace. I think that this company is one of the most concerned law firms."
"I think the service I got from Montlick & Associates was great."
"This is my first time meeting with your firm. So far I am impressed and very appreciative of your concern. I wish I had you in a previous case. Keep up the good work."
"The phone consultation that I had with the attorney was very good. Since this was my first time in a situation like this, he patiently explained a lot of things that I wasn't aware of."
"I have been extremely impressed to date with my attorney and was from the first phone call. I have already referred a friend to Montlick & Associates."
"Everything you all have done has been done well."
"Aspects well done: Communications with investigator. Friendly response from office. Follow up on all correspondence. Keeping in touch."
"Aspects well done: Keeps me well informed about my case. Explains everything to me so that I'm aware of everything. Always listens to me. Very concerned."
"You all do a good job helping people. Keep the good work up."
"You are doing fine. I thank you very much."
"Well done: Explaining in detail legal matters to my understanding."
"My Montlick & Associates attorney has been kind and helpful in our case. She is very interested in our case. We feel she is working very hard in solving this matter. I am very pleased to have Montlick & Associates as my attorneys."
"You have a good staff that keep me informed on the progress of my case."
"Well done: The quick response to questions and impressed with the accident investigator."
"Aspects well done: My investigator came to my job to meet with me and took photographs of my injury (dog bite). My lawyer has been very communicative so far and very professional."
"Aspects well done: Returns phone calls promptly. Listen and answer all questions regarding my case. Keeps me informed on what's going on."
"Aspects well done: Getting back with me when leave message. Give you all information needed. Explains things to you carefully."
"The Montlick & Associates attorney took the time to talk to me over the phone when her assistant couldn't answer my questions. My attorney is very thorough. Everything that has been sent out to anyone has been sent to me also. She is keeping me informed on all info gathering. Just keep up the good work. So far I have been very happy with the services provided."
"We constantly receive letters in the mail that keep us up to date."
"Very satisfied -- I have been kept up to date of the progress of my case promptly."
"My lawyer was very friendly and very professional."
"I like Montlick because they are friendly and helpful and treat you in a friendly manner. You just keep up the good work."
"My Montlick & Associates attorney has been a great help so far. Very helpful! Interested in my case and helping me the best way possible."
"Very good. I can call [the assistant] and ask her anything about the case."
"I like the courtesy of the people at the firm."
"Thank you Montlick & Associates for being there for us!"
"My Montlick & Associates' attorney listened to what I had to say and seems as though he is a very compassionate person. I've been satisfied with everything so far. Keep up the good work."
"I called the office -- my call was returned in no time. My attorney introduced himself to me, explained the process of the case and how things would be handled. I am very pleased with Montlick & Associates- thank you!"
"Very impressed with both attorney and assistant who are handling my case. They both are very interested in what my case means to me and are very patient when I have called and asked about progress. This means a lot to me."
"Very good -- interested in helping."
"Excellent. [My Montlick & Associates attorney] has treated my case carefully"
"I like what my attorney's doing for me and I know he is excellent. I know that Montlick & Associates will do what they can for me and my family."
"Explained matters very clearly to me. Keeps me informed about my case. Was very friendly. So far you all have done an outstanding job."
"Everything has been up to par as of yet especially being updated about everything. This one quality is very essential in client, lawyer relationship. Montlick & Associates has been excellent. You must be thanked greatly for such."
"Went to work very quickly on my case. If the attorney is not availalbe, the assistant is very helpful and stays right on top of things. They are both very helpful and a great team."
"Excellent. Explains case well. Carefully listens to your concerns and needs."
"My Montlick & Associates' attorney is always very helpful. He keeps me informed of developments, and is always nice and kind to me and my wife. I am very satisfied with Montlick & Associates. I feel I've made the right decision hiring this company. (Please excuse this bad handwriting as I have a cast on my right hand at this time. Thanks very much!)"
"Excellent. Listens to our concerns. Assists with every detail."
"We recently received a letter for our bill at the physical therapy complex where I underwent treatment. This letter was extremely upsetting! We phoned the attorney at Montlick & Associates- who immediately phoned the complex."
"Within a few days, we received word from [the attorney] that they had agreed to wait until they heard back from him. Great work!"
"My attorney at Montlick & Associates is always there for me when I need him. Thank you!"
"Everything was well explained. I have no problems whatsoever. Thank you for all you are doing for us!"

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