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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Macon, Georgia | Paralysis Attorneys in Macon, GA

Spinal Cord Damage Claims, Settlements, Lawsuits and Finding a Qualified Lawyer in Macon, Georgia

While all serious injuries can bring lifelong debilitating effects, spinal cord injuries) constitute one of the most devastating forms of harm suffered in car accidents, falls, and other traumatic incidents.  Spinal Cord Injuries have enormous physical, emotional, and financial effects on injury victims.  The process of recovering from a spinal cord injury can mean multiple complicated surgeries, lifetime costly medical medical care, and permanent loss of mobility.  

Our Macon injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates recognize the grueling hardships that confront spinal cord injury victims.  We provide high-quality legal representation to each client in order to maximize their financial recoveries under the law. We recognize the significant financial needs of clients facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, supportive and rehabilitative care, and lost earnings.  Our law firm is committed to holding careless and inattentive drivers and companies responsible for the harm they cause others.

Spinal cord injuries usually result from physical trauma like a car accident, surgical error, tractor-trailer collision, slip and fall, motorcycle crash, sports accident, construction accident, or violent criminal act.  When an accident victim experiences an spinal cord injury, the symptoms often include loss of coordination, numbness, weakness, tingling, and even paraplegia or quadriplegia.  Individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents or other incidents involving a potential back injury should seek immediate medical attention because these serious injuries can be masked bydelayed symptoms.  Emergency responders will often immobilize an individual if they suspect a spinal injury to prevent causing more damage. 

While many people do not anticipate that they will experience a serious back injury, a significant number of victims have their lives derailed by spinal cord injuries annually.  Researchers estimate that 17,700 people suffer a new spinal cord injury each year.  Approximately 288,000 million people in the U.S. currently suffer from a spinal cord injury.  

The statistical breakdown for causes of spinal cord injuries include:

  • 38.3 percent motor vehicle collisions
  • 31.6 percent falls
  • 13.8 percent acts of violence
  • 8.2 percent sport/recreation
  • 4.6 percent medical/surgical (e.g. medical malpractice
  • 3.0 percent other causes

The staggering cost associated with a spinal cord injury makes the recovery in a personal injury settlement or judgment especially important.  The average annual and lifetime expenses from a spinal cord injury include the following:

                                                Average Yearly Expenses       

Severity of Injury                    First Year/Subsequent Year    Average Lifetime Cost (25-year-old)

High Tetraplegia (C1-C4)      $1,102,403/$191,436                          $4,891,398

Low Tetraplegia (C5-C8)       $793,583/$117,437                             $3,573,960

Paraplegia                                $537,271/$71,172                               $1,569,714

Legal Grounds of Liability in Spinal Cord Injury Injury Cases in Macon, Georgia

Negligence constitutes the most widely used legal theory in cases involving spinal cord injuries.  Whether an individual is injured by a distracted tractor-trailer driver, a fall at an apartment complex or store, proof of negligence will typically be fundamental to recovery.  Due to the extensive financial exposure of insurance carriers in lawsuits involving this type of catastrophic injury, insurance companies generally do everything they can to either deny or minimize such claims.   

Montlick and Associates has been representing serious injury victims for over 39 years, and we have recovered over a billion dollars for our clients. Our attorneys at Montlick & Associates also investigate each avenue of recovery for our clients in order to recover badly needed compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, Pain and Suffering, punitive damages depending on whether the defendant’s conduct amounted to gross negligence, and more.  We provide high-quality representation to and fight hard on behalf of each injured client in order to maximize the value of their cases under the law. 

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