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How do I report a dangerous driver in Georgia?

If you see someone driving in a reckless manner, including swerving, speeding, texting, or behaving aggressively, you should call 911.

Remember only to call 911 if you feel the driver is posing a danger, as 911 is intended for truly urgent situations. It should not be used for simple motor vehicle violations, but rather can be used if the driver’s behavior presents a danger to the public or places people in harm’s way.

If you do call 911, be sure to pull over first so that you stay safe and do not become a danger to others. Tell the operator your location, a description of the vehicle, and their direction of travel. Do not attempt to follow the car or take cell phone pictures as these actions could increase the hazards of the situation. Be sure to exercise caution and maintain a safe following distance from the dangerous driver.

If you are able to safely record the license plate number, state of origin, and vehicle make, model and color, this will be useful for the police to locate the offender. Before the officer dispatched can take any action, he or she will need to either observe a violation or receive a witness report as to a violation, which can be your 911 call.

Unsafe Driver Investigations

If you know of a driver that you feel is medically or mentally unfit to drive, which will often be an elderly driver or one with physical disabilities, you can file a request to evaluate the driver. The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) accepts evaluation requests from relatives, physicians, caregivers, law enforcement officers, vision specialists, and others with personal knowledge of the individual’s potential unfitness. To request a driver review, you must mail a form to the appropriate office. Anonymous reports are not accepted. However, you can request that your information be kept confidential.

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