Bullying has unfortunately affected very young children, but middle and high school students are still at a greater risk of experiencing bullying.

A study released in the fall of 2018 indicates that approximately one-third of middle and high school students had been bullied in the year before the study, demonstrating bullying is an ongoing problem that is causing serious harm to our younger population. The study’s key findings include the following:

  • Of more than 160,000 responses from middle and high school students, 40 percent of middle school students said they had been bullied while 27 percent of high school students said they had been bullied.
  • The majority of bulllying happens in person, with most victims facing verbal harasment.
  • Most acts of bullying occurred at majority white schools.
  • Most acts of bulllying related to a person’s appearance, with race and sexual orientation also playing a role in some situations.

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