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Our personal injury attorneys in Atlanta at Montlick and Associates are dedicated to providing a different kind of legal experience to personal injury victims. While we offer the experience, knowledge and resources of a large law firm, we work hard to provide high quality legal services to each client and to provide each client with the personal attention they deserve. Our firm was founded on a commitment to diligently seeking justice for those who are injured by the wrongful acts of others. In fact, we have been zealously fighting for injured victims of negligence for over three decades.

Montlick and Associates has successfully represented its clients in obtaining over one billion dollars* in settlements and verdicts. We understand the emotional, physical and financial impact of having your life turned upside down because of an accident that was not your fault. Moreover, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys handle virtually all types of injury cases, including car accidents truck accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice actions, and injuries caused by defective products. Because of our proven track record of success, we are often able to convince insurance companies to resolve claims amicably in the best interest of our clients without the necessity of formal litigation. Our personal injury law firm, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has been successful for our clients through persuasive presentation of the facts, knowledge of the law,  the correct application of the law to the unique facts of each case, and effective settlement and litigation strategies.

Montlick and Associates represents injury victims throughout the Atlanta metro area, surrounding suburbs and entire State of Georgia in a wide array of personal injury cases including:

Auto Accident Claims: Crashes involving motor vehicles are the leading cause of personal injury in the U.S. Many Atlanta car accidents are caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, speeding drivers, tailgaters and other drivers engaged in negligent (i.e. unreasonably unsafe) driving practices. Motor vehicle accidents can result in injuries that adversely impact every aspect of an auto accident victim's daily life. When Atlanta drivers disregard traffic safety laws or fail to pay attention to their driving, the results can be life-altering collisions. Our Atlanta auto accident attorneys represent clients in all types of auto accidents with the goal of obtaining the maximum compensation possible for our clients so that they can rebuild and preserve their family's standard of living.

Slip and Fall Accidents: When you visit an Atlanta grocery store or department store, it is not likely that you worry you will be injured in a fall. Unfortunately, people slip and fall and trip and fall in businesses throughout Atlanta on a daily basis. Many of these Atlanta slip and fall accidents in malls, grocery stores, convenience stores, department stores, restaurants and bars could be prevented with better designed maintenance and janitorial practices or by following the policies in place. When the owner of a commercial, residential or public property fails to provide adequate warnings of potential slip and fall hazards or fails to make the conditions safe, it can result in serious falls that result in head injuries, such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries or broken bones. The elderly are most likely to be injured in a slip and fall accidents, which can result in hip fractures that involve long periods of rehabilitation. Our Atlanta slip and fall accident attorneys have experience analyzing the practices and procedures of property owners designed to prevent slip and fall accidents. We are committed to developing an effective strategy for our clients injured in slip and fall accidents in Atlanta.

Construction Accidents: The construction industry is historically one of the leading occupations for on-the-job injuries that result in permanent disability or wrongful death. There are many regulations at the federal and state level designed to prevent injuries to those on construction sites, but sometimes companies working on construction sites fail to comply with these regulations because of costs or time pressure. When safety is made secondary to profits in an Atlanta construction site, it can mean serious injuries that result in disability from employment amid mounting medical bills. Our dedicated and experienced Atlanta construction accident attorneys may be able to pursue both a workers' compensation claim against one's employer and a personal injury claim against third parties who contribute to our client's injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Claims: When our loved one's become seniors, it is natural to want their "golden years" to be truly golden. This can be difficult because sometimes aging takes a toll on seniors that results in declining mobility as well as medical conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's that may impair their physical and mental faculties. The decision to entrust a loved one's daily care to an Atlanta nursing home can be fraught with danger. Nursing homes in Atlanta as well as those throughout the state are often drastically understaffed. When this understaffing is compounded by other cost containment measures, it can mean seniors are injured by negligent trip and fall accidents, sub-standard medical care, intentional physical and sexual abuse or chronic neglect. At Montlick and Associates, our Atlanta nursing home abuse attorneys are dedicated to holding nursing home staff and management accountable when they fail to fulfill their obligation to provide a clean safe living environment for seniors. If your loved one has been injured by Atlanta nursing home abuse or neglect, our knowledgeable Atlanta nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys may be able to help.

Tractor-Trailers, 18-Wheelers and Commercial Truck Accidents: The term "minor Atlanta trucking accident" is an oxymoron. Virtually any collision involving vehicles where one outweighs the other by a factor of more than 25 times may result in disastrous consequences for the occupants of the lighter vehicle. Despite significant regulation of the trucking industry at both the state and federal level, commercial trucks (i.e. 18-wheelers, tractor-trailer combinations, big rigs) still account for a disproportionate number of collisions that cause permanent disability and fatalities. Often Atlanta tractor-trailer accidents are caused by the failure of the truck driver to comply with safety regulations aimed at preventing accidents caused by driver fatigue, drunk driving, drugged driving, speeding, unsafe loads and other preventable causes of Atlanta trucking accidents. This failure to comply with commercial trucking regulations often occurs with the tacit approval or overt consent of a trucking company intent on increasing revenue. If you or someone you love is injured in an Atlanta trucking accident, our Atlanta tractor-trailer accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have been investigating trucking accidents and exposing unethical practices by trucking companies in an effort to seek the best possible outcome for our Atlanta trucking accident clients.

Pedestrian Crosswalk, Sidewalk and Parking Lot Accidents: When pedestrians must walk in close proximity to motor vehicles, the risk of serious injury caused by driver error or indifference is substantial. When Atlanta urban planners fail to take adequate steps to provide barriers that separate pedestrians from motorists, the probability of a pedestrian accident on Atlanta streets and roadways increases dramatically. In a recent study of major metros, Atlanta was ranked as the 11th most dangerous city for pedestrians. When you or someone you love is injured while walking or jogging in Atlanta or surrounding suburban cities, an unsafe driver that strikes a pedestrian and/or the city that fails to develop or maintain a safe roadway may be liable for any resulting injuries. Our Atlanta pedestrian accident attorneys have been helping accident victims since 1984 by seeking the compensation they need to move past their Atlanta pedestrian accident.

Dog Bites, Maulings and Attacks: The law imposes a high duty on dog owners to control their dog to prevent injury to others. This duty may be based on prior knowledge of a dog's vicious tendencies, violation of a local leash law ordinance or negligence by the dog owner. While many dog bites result in minor injuries, some Atlanta dog attacks may result in severe disfigurement requiring reconstructive surgery, broken bones or fractures and even fatal dog maulings. If you are seriously injured because of the failure of an Atlanta dog owner to control their dog, our experienced Atlanta dog bite attorneys at Montlick and Associates offer a free consultation so that we can evaluate your Atlanta dog attack claim.

Wrongful Death Accident Claims: The loss of someone you love can result in overwhelming grief and anxiety, but these emotions can be even more intense when your loved one's death is caused by the irresponsibility of a drunk driver, violation of safety rules by a construction company or poor quality control standards of a product manufacturer. When a loved one is lost to the negligent, reckless or intentional acts of an individual, business or public entity, it can mean intense hardships for the victim's family. Medical bills, burial related expenses and a loss of household income can compound these hardships by crippling a family financially. If you have lost someone you love to the carelessness or intentional criminal acts of a third party, our experienced Atlanta wrongful death attorneys may be able to seek damages that would have been available had your loved one survived as well as compensation for your own losses resulting from your loved one's death.

Workers' Compensation Representation: Most employees of Atlanta businesses presume that their job will provide the financial means to care for their family, but when an employee suffers a job related injury, it can mean the loss of income and daunting medical expenses. Our Atlanta workers' compensation attorneys at Montlick and Associates are committed to guiding injured employees through the complicated process of a successful workers' compensation case. Our Atlanta workers' compensation attorneys offer legal representation to those suffering job related injuries in Atlanta and the surrounding cities in a wide range of occupations including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, administrative services and most other industries.

Product Liability Claims: For many parents, their worse nightmare is the notion of walking into a room to find their small child choking because they have swallowed a small part of a toy. This nightmare is a reality for many parents each year whose children are injured by unsafe toys that often are imported by toy distributors in the U.S. from foreign countries with poor safety standards. These hazards are not limited to children; every year thousands of people are injured by unsafe products that were not properly tested or subjected to quality control standards before being marketed to unsuspecting consumers. There are many types of unsafe products that may cause injury to consumers including children's toys and clothing, consumer electronics, defective motor vehicles and components, portable heaters and a multitude of other products.

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Motorcycle Accident Claims: While motorcycles are an increasingly popular way to avoid the gridlock of Atlanta traffic, unsafe drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs continue to cause serious injury and fatalities to those who ride motorcycles for commuting or recreation in Atlanta. Motorcyclists are placed at much greater risk by unsafe drivers because of the lack of stability and handling of motorcycles which often results in permanent disability because bikes offer virtually no protection from injury. While motorcycles are allowed to lane split, many drivers of passenger vehicles fail to check for motorcycles when changing lanes. While the majority of motorcycle accidents result from driver error, they may also be caused by faulty motorcycle components or roadways with unsafe hazards. If you are injured in an Atlanta motorcycle accident, our experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have been seeking compensation for Atlanta motorcycle accident victims since our firm was founded in 1984.

Know your legal rights! Whether you are injured by the negligent, reckless or intentional misconduct of a third party, speak to an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney at Montlick and Associates. Call us today for your Free Consultation. No matter where you are located our attorneys are just a phone call away, and we will even come to you. Call us 24 hours a day/7 days a week for your Free Consultation at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333). You can also visit us online at and use our Free Case Evaluation Form or 24-hour Live Online Chat.

Related Articles:

Social Networking Sites Impact Car Accident Claims in Atlanta, Georgia

Social network sites are growing at a phenomenal rate and the trend toward detailing one’s daily activities for the world to see is starting to have a significant impact on car accident and personal injury claims. Over 25% of all internet users visit social networks like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace at least once a month. 33% of internet users have made a purchase based on social networking sites.

The tendency of plaintiffs to provide constant details about one’s daily activities on social network sites is starting to have a negative impact on civil litigation where people have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another person. Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law is advising all potential or existing accident clients to avoid posting, discussing or commenting about anything regarding their accident. Any post or update (whether made visible publicly or not) on social media websites can and will be used against you.

Private investigators, insurance companies and defense lawyers are increasingly looking to social networking sites for information about plaintiffs in personal injury cases.

Insurance companies and investigators are searching social network sites looking for information to help build a defense or reduce potential damage claims. They may look for information about how an accident happened and who caused it, including an admission by the injured person that he or she was at fault. Insurance companies also look for information posted on social networking sites that can be used to undermine the credibility of a plaintiff by contradicting the injured person’s version of how the injuries occurred. In other cases, information on a plaintiff’s social network page may be used simply to embarrass the plaintiff and make the jury look less sympathetically at the plaintiff.

Some examples of the impact of a plaintiff’s social media posting are provided below:

  • A woman claimed she was disabled but a judge admitted Facebook photos of the woman dancing.

  •  An insurance company downloaded and introduced Facebook video of a woman doing the limbo on a cruise after she claimed she could not work because of a back injury.

  •  A judge ordered that information regarding the frequency of one’s Facebook use be introduced where the person claimed brain injury.

In other cases, the information on a plaintiff’s social network page may be used simply to embarrass the plaintiff and make the jury look at the plaintiff less sympathetically. The insurance company may look for information to show the plaintiff is a “bad person” by showing the plaintiff doing something illegal or immoral. While such evidence is not always admissible under Georgia personal injury law, the defense may try to use it to make the jury view the plaintiff in a more negative light.

Conversely, Montlick & Associates may use information posted to the general public on a website by the defendant in a car accident case. Here is  another example of how a social media site posting was used by a court: A woman who was involved in a car accident while under the influence of alcohol was involved in a fatal accident in which her boyfriend was killed. The judge had decided to treat the woman as a juvenile meaning less harsh sentencing and post-conviction consequences. The judge discovered a picture taken of the woman during a Florida vacation several months after the accident captioned “Drunk in Florida.” The judge was so disturbed by the picture he decided to sentence the woman as an adult. It is reasonable to assume that a civil jury might also be inclined to consider such photos when deciding on damages including punitive damages.

The experienced car accident attorneys at Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law advise their clients to stay away from their personal blogs and social media sites in the wake of being injured in an accident. Any pictures or content that could portray the plaintiff in a negative light should be pulled down from social media sites. However, it is not enough simply to pull the information down from one’s own social media site. The plaintiff also should have all online friends purge the plaintiff from their accounts. If a plaintiff’s photo is tagged, it is still accessible by searching.

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