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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Serving Athens, Georgia

Experienced Representation for Patients Injured Due to Medical Negligence

When you or a loved one seeks the care of a physician or other healthcare provider, you should be confident that you would receive quality care by the provider’s experience, education, and training. The majority of medical professionals in Georgia follows established procedures and provides good care with no harm resulting to their patients. However, in recent years, the extent of medical malpractice has been brought to the public’s awareness, and its extent has surprised many people.

On those occasions where medicine goes wrong, and a patient is badly injured or even dies, legal counsel may be needed. At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our Athens medical malpractice attorneys understand that those who suffer medical complications, other injuries or wrongful death because of mistakes by medical providers may be unsure how to proceed. Our attorneys provide a free consultation to help sort out the facts and offer advice and guidance on the next steps.

Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider fails to provide medical care that meets accepted medical practices and procedures. Medical malpractice is not only about the care a doctor provides but can extend to physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, therapists, dentists, and specialists like anesthesiologists, surgeons, oncologists, urologists and other healthcare providers. The professionals can and sometimes do make mistakes. Serious complications, debilitating injury and even death can be the outcome.

Some examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Misreading CT scans, MRIs, mammograms, x-rays, or ultrasounds
  • Surgical errors
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Wrong treatment
  • Failure to make use of currently available technology
  • Failure to follow accepted practices
  • Wrong medication or dosage

Medical Malpractice is on the Rise

Researchers at John Hopkins recently analyzed data and concluded that medical malpractice may well be the third leading cause of death in the United States. Their results were published in The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) BMJ 2016;353:i2139. Research from October 2013 estimated up to 440,000 Americans are dying annually from preventable hospital errors. Many errors are related to medications sometimes referred to as Adverse Drug Events or ADEs. This could include that the drug given to the patient is wrong, the dosage is incorrect or the patient does not receive the prescribed medicine.

Some opinions point to the increasing specialization of many areas of health care as is a contributor to the increasing rate of medical malpractice over the past twenty or so years. As each provider focuses on his or her specialty, the overall condition of the patient and the coordination critical among specialties suffers. Many times it is a basic communication error that results in injury to a patient.

Another factor considered is the impact of for-profit health insurance companies on individualized medical care. In many instances, a doctor is longer in complete control of their patients’ medical care. Insurance companies can mandate the use of certain medications over others due to cost, limit the length of hospital stays or decline to pay for recommended procedures. The corporate structure of many hospitals can lead to reduced staffing to save money, or limited access to necessary supplies for instance. This can lead to failure to maintain the minimum necessary standard of care. And then a patient is injured or even dies.

Bringing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Athens, Georgia

If you think that you or a loved one may have been injured by medical negligence, it is important to seek legal help. Medical malpractice claims are typically among the most difficult and expensive claims that can be pursued. Our medical malpractice attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, will review your case and evaluate your right to recover compensation from the health care provider(s) that caused your injuries and losses. Our lawyers understand the immense damage that medical malpractice can inflict on victims and their families, such as costly, long-term medical care, permanent disability, lost income, and even death. Our firm fights to see that our medical malpractice clients recover compensation for their losses associated with medical negligence, which can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, punitive damages if the medical professional was grossly negligent, and more.

Put Our Law Firm's Over 39 Years of Legal Experience to Work For Your Case!

If you have been injured due to medical negligence, contact the Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law. For over 39 years, our law firm has assisted thousands of malpractice victims in Athens and throught Georgia. We provide compassionate and individualized representation and strive to achieve our clients’ best legal outcome based on the circumstances of the case. We offer you a free case review to explain your legal rights and the actions necessary to protect those rights.

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