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AV Top Rated Law Firm

Montlick & Associates is AV Rated for the Highest Level of Professional Excellence, Ethics, Skills, & Integrity- The Highest Rating Attainable & Awarded By the Most Authoritative Attorney Rating Service


Montlick & Associates is AV Rated for the Highest Level of Professional Excellence, Ethics, Skills, & Integrity- The Highest Rating Attainable & Awarded By the Most Authoritative Attorney Rating Service

For over 39 years, Montlick Injury Attorneys has been helping injured people and their families by aggressively pursuing the compensation they deserve. With  Billions of dollars recovered for our clients since 1984, Our Experience Pays!™

Our firm handles all types of personal injury, wrongful death, and accident cases.  At Montlick, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal service for each and every client.  Our caring and experienced attorneys handle each of our client’s cases as if it was their own.  The firm proudly operates with a steadfast moral compass, integrity, honesty, and unquestionable ethics.

Udnerstanding the Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™

The Gold Standard in Attorney Ratings For Over 150 Years 

For over 150 years, the Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory has recognized the best attorneys throughout North America for their high ethical standards, competence and strong legal ability.  The ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the Judiciary and of the Bar.

AV Preeminent®: When a law firm is rated AV Preeminent®, the firm has received the highest possible peer rating that can be awarded.  An AV Rating is only awarded to attorneys and law firms “who are ranked at the highest level of  professional excellence for their legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards by their peers.”

An AV Rated attorney or law firm is part of an elite group.  Only the top 10 percent of all rated attorneys have been awarded the top AV Preeminent rating.  This designation is trusted worldwide by individuals seeking to identify, evaluate and select the most qualified legal counsel.  Additionally, the AV Preeminent Rating is used by attorneys who want to make referrals to legal colleagues.

Montlick & Associates earned top marks in both the General Ethical Standards evaluation and the Legal Ability evaluation.  Legal Ability ratings are judged on five key areas listed below and Montlick & Associates received top ratings in all 5 key areas of Legal Ability.

  1. Analytical Capabilities – Lawyer’s creativity in analyzing legal issues and applying technical knowledge.
  2. Communication Ability – Lawyer’s capability to communicate persuasively and credibly.
  3. Judgment – Lawyer’s demonstration of the salient factors that drive the outcome of a given case or issue.
  4. Legal Knowledge – Lawyer’s familiarity with the laws governing his/her specific area of practice(s).
  5. Legal Experience – Lawyer’s degree of experience in his/her specific area of practice(s).

The Most Reputable & Credible Evaluation of Legal Professionals That Cannot Be Bought or Manipulated

The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings is considered the “Gold Standard” of attorney and law firm ratings and reviews.  The objectivity, confidentiality, and independence of the ratings process make the ratings system a credible evaluation tool for attorneys throughout North America.  The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating system is accurate and credible because Montlick & Associates was rated and reviewed confidentiality by the legal community – the most appropriate and best qualified individuals to assess the professional ethics and legal ability of our law firm.

Beware of “Paid” Awards, As Well As False & Misleading Claims by Other Law Firms!

If you or a loved one has been injured, or if you tragically lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is essential that you select a law firm with the experience, integrity, and resources to understand the value of your case and fight for your full compensation.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of law firms and lawyers who make misleading claims that they are rated in a certain way, implying recognition or qualities that are simply not true.  Here are a few tips you can use to protect your financial interests when choosing the right personal injury law firm for your case.

  1. Be highly suspect of firms that claim they are the “Best.”  As you would expect, lawyers are prohibited from making false or misleading communications about their services, as well as creating unjustified expectations about the results they can achieve.  They are also prohibited from comparing their services with other lawyers’ services unless the comparison can be factually substantiated.  The problem with anyone claiming they’re the best is the inability of such statements to be objectively verified. Attorneys who violate these rules can be professionally disciplined, suspended, and even lose their license to practice law.
  2. Avoid firms that “buy” awards and accolades. Unfortunately, there are lots of companies that have official-sounding names that sell awards and accolades to give the appearance of exemplary service and results.  Sometimes they can just be purchased outright, and other times, as opposed to the existence of an objective review system, an attorney can “work the system” by taking specific actions to increase their rating.  Sadly, many times it can be really difficult to discern what’s legitimate, or when someone has manipulated a particular rating.  Complicating matters further, there are even “positive review-building” services that can be employed by businesses to post 5-star reviews and artificially inflate a law firms overall rating.
  3. Be suspect of law firms that do not have any negative reviews.  If a firm has a perfect 5-star rating, you should be skeptical because in the real world it’s not realistic to think that over the years every client served will be 100% satisfied with their result, 100% of the time.  The reason for this is that no matter how skilled an attorney is and no matter how hard they work, they have to deal with the law and facts that present themselves.  Therefore, unless an attorney only takes easy cases, the reality is that it is not always possible to make everyone happy all of the time, no matter how hard they work, despite their best efforts.  Legal matters inherently have an element of unpredictability, such as what a judge or jury would do, that nobody can control or guarantee.  At Montlick and Associates, we don’t just take the easy cases.  Rather, we look at situations and if we feel we can help somebody, we often take the more difficult and challenging cases that other firms turn down.
  4. Make sure you understand whether an award or accolades applies to the entire firm, or just to a single attorney.  Most attorney ratings and reviews websites only rate and review individual attorneys, not the entire law firm.  Also, most awards apply to individual attorneys and not to the firm itself.   Some law firms may mislead the public by presenting the award or accolade in a misleading manner which makes it sound like it applies to the entire firm, not the attorney who actually received the award or accolade.  It is important to note that the high Martindale Hubbell rating that Montlick & Associates received is in fact for the law firm as a whole, not a rating given to one person.
  5. Look for firms that have received unsolicited or unpaid awards from credible sources.  Some law firms receive meaningful recognition from respected sources who award the law firm by their own volition.  For example, in addition to the recognition from Martindale Hubbell, Montlick & Associates as a firm has received several unsolicited awards and accolades from reputable sources such as the Association of the U.S. Army, the Georgia House of Representatives, the Georgia Secretary of State, SafeAmerica Foundation, and many other reputable organizations.  Montlick & Associates never asked to be recognized or given any award from these highly reputable organizations.  Our law firm conducts ourselves with integrity; you can always count on us to do the right thing.
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