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Part 4 of Our Legal Questions Asked About Georgia SUV Rollover Accidents

October 23, 2013

This is the final installment in our blog series on SUV rollover accidents in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia. While you may want to review the first three installments of this series of blogs if the answer to your specific question is not provided below, you should also feel free to contact us for a free consultation so that we can provide information tailored to your specific situation.

Do “performance tires” prevent rollover accidents?

Some people replace the tires that come with their SUV with “performance tires” that offer increased traction. This substitution can amount to a mixed blessing. While increased traction can reduce stopping distance or provide assistance in wet road conditions, according to experts the increased tire grip can cause excessive sideways force to accumulate so that an SUV rolls when making sudden or sharp changes in direction.

Are newer SUVs safer than older SUVs?

While many newer SUVs have been designed to comply with tougher government standards regarding roof strength and more sophisticated stability control systems, the improved statistics regarding SUV rollover injuries and fatalities also may be a product of more extensive seatbelt use. When purchasing an SUV, consumers may want to consider a vehicle’s Rollover Resistance Rating, which is based on the Static Stability Factor determined by NHTSA studies. These studies generally conclude that SUVs that are taller and narrower are more likely to roll over during a collision so vehicles that are shorter and wider tend to receive more stars.

Why do I need an Atlanta SUV rollover accident law firm?

SUV rollover accident claims and lawsuits often involve single vehicle accidents so there may not be a second driver who was negligent. These single vehicle accident cases frequently turn on complex facts regarding the design and engineering of the vehicle as well as the physics involved in the collision. Our Georgia SUV rollover accident lawyers recognize the important of communicating this information in an understandable way to the judge or jury, often supplemented by the testimony of vehicle engineering or crash reconstruction experts.

How important is roof strength in evaluating the safety of an SUV if it is involved in a rollover crash?

The importance of roof strength can hardly be overstated. When occupants of SUVs wear seatbelts, in some situations they can actually be safer in a collision than occupants of other types of vehicles provided the integrity of the “survival space” within the passenger compartment of a vehicle is maintained. The protection of vehicle occupants involves minimizing the risk of roof intrusion into the interior of the vehicle when the vehicle is upside down.

We hope your general questions have been answered in this series of blog posts on SUV rollover crashes in Atlanta, but we also encourage you to contact us directly if you have specific questions about your individual situation.

If you have additional questions about rollover accidents, we invite you to read Part III of this four-part blog post. SUV rollover collision victims who have been injured or who have lost a loved one in an SUV rollover crash may have a right to financial compensation. At Montlick & Associates, our experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers at Montlick and Associates are available to provide effective legal representation to those throughout all of Georgia and the Southeast, including all smaller cities and rural areas in the state.

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