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Who is liable in an ambulance accident in Georgia?

Ambulance drivers are required to follow certain protocols and exercise extreme caution while they transport their passengers.

Ambulance drivers have a huge responsibility to get people they are transporting to the hospital as fast as possible so that they can receive the medical care that they need. They also have a responsibility to drive with care on the way and not endanger other motorist’s and other innocent people’s lives in the process.

Ambulance drivers are required to follow certain protocols and exercise extreme caution while they transport their passengers. If they do not exercise caution and follow protocol, they may be considered negligent if they cause a Georgia auto accident resulting in injuries or wrongful death. Drivers employing sirens and flashers, as well as exercising caution at red light intersections, represent some of the protocols that need to be followed when traveling in emergency situations.

Injuries sustained in an accident with a speeding ambulance can be catastrophic whether you are in your car, on a bicycle, or on foot. You could end up needing long term medical care for injuries to your spine, back, or head. By filing a personal injury claim, you can seek compensation to help cover these expenses, as we as to compensate you for your lost wages and pain in suffering. In some situations you can also be entitled to punitive damages.

Georgia’s law on the operation of emergency vehicles, including ambulances, clearly states that a driver of an authorized emergency vehicle shall not be relieved from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons even while following provisions that allow them to exceed speed limits, go through red lights and stop signs or disregard regulations allowing them to make turns in certain directions.

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