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How much money can I get from a workers’ comp claim in Georgia?

Georgia law allows you to receive 2/3s of the difference between what you make while partially disabled and what you made before you were hurt.

Temporary workers’ compensation benefits kick in if you miss more than seven days of work because of an injury suffered at work. Temporary total benefits last for at most 400 weeks. The most amount of money you can receive is 2/3s of your gross salary, including tips and commissions, up to $725.00 per week for any accident that occured after July 1, 2022. You may receive benefits until the 400-week maximum, or your doctor determines that you have reached a medical end-result and issues an opinion that you can return to work full time.

If your Georgia workers’ compensation doctor determined that you are temporarily disabled but can work a little, then you could receive temporary-partial workers’ compensation benefits.

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