Many of us give little consideration to what shoes we wear while driving. We get dressed for our destination and presume that our footwear will allow us to drive safely. However, shoes can have a significant impact on driving ability. Some choices of footwear greatly impair control over the brake pedal, gas pedal, and overall movement of the vehicle. Inappropriate footwear is thought to be a factor in millions of car accidents annually.

The Georgia car accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, want all of our clients to remain safe while driving. Accordingly, we hope that more drivers will consider their footwear before setting off. The following is a look at some of the most dangerous shoes for driving. If you intend to wear a pair of these shoes, keep a different, safer pair in the car for while you drive.

  1. High heels: While great for the board room or a night out on the town, high heels are not practical for driving. The point to the heel can become lodged in the floor mat of the car or slide easily off the pedals. Further, the elevation of the heel causes the knees and legs to be seated in an awkward position which could impact safe driving. Change into a safe pair of sneakers while you drive and save those heels for your arrival.
  2. Flip flops: Flip flops are common summer footwear, but many do not realize that this shoe can be dangerous for driving. Flip flops make braking quickly difficult as they are flimsy and prone to sliding. Those additional seconds it takes to brake can result in a serious traffic accident.
  3. Barefoot: It is considered dangerous to drive without shoes. Bare feet can slip off pedals or make it more likely for drivers to miss pedals. They do not have the same force as shoes and could become injured in the event of an accident. Accordingly, keep a safe pair of shoes on while you drive and enjoy being barefoot at home.
  4. Platform shoes: Any shoes that are excessively thick can make it hard for you to assess how much pressure you are applying, making braking or accelerating jerky and potentially dangerous. Avoid wide soles, especially over 10 mm thick. You need to be able to feel the pedals in order to gauge the amount of pressure you must apply.

The Safest Shoe Options

Your best bet is selecting a snug fitting shoe with a low sole and good traction. This is often a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes, but could include some loafers, moccasins, or others. Your perfect driving shoe could be kept in the vehicle for ideal driving.

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