Uneven floorboards, a loose area rug or perhaps a surface slick with a spilled liquid can easily be overlooked conditions that cause of a fall that leads to serious injuries, a lengthy hospital stay and major medical bills. Statistics collected from across the country reveal that about 2.5 million older people visit the emergency room each year as the result of a fall according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The most commonly reported injury from a fall is a fracture, with a fractured hip among the most serious and potentially fatal.

Out all those who suffer from a slip and fall-related injury, it is the elderly who suffer the most. CDC data puts the significance of the impact of fall on seniors into perspective. The agency reveal that more than 40 percent of those who enter an assisted living facility make the move because of a fall. For people over 65 who fall and suffer a hip injury, over 50 percent of them will not be able to function independently again. Further, 87 percent of all reported fractures among the elderly result from falls, which is also one of the top causes of brain injury and death.

The CDC data makes clear that trip-and-falls may be one of the most serious threats facing our nation’s seniors today. Approximately one in three adults over 65 are injured every year in a fall. Unfortunately, the CDC reports that only around half of those people talk to their doctor about it. When a senior decides to let an injury go untreated, it can develop into something more serious or even life-threatening. In addition to broken hips, some other commonly reported fall injuries for seniors include cuts, bruises, broken forearms and head trauma. In fact, traumatic brain injuries account for the cause of death in almost half of all fatal falls among seniors.

Even if a senior trips and falls but is lucky enough to escape physical harm, some go on to develop a fear of falling that takes a toll in other ways. If the fear of falling becomes overwhelming, seniors often feel compelled to avoid any activity because of the risk of a serious injury. Avoidance of physical activity can lead to loss of mobility and fitness, which are both important for seniors.

As we grow older, the risk of falls and injuries only gets worse – the CDC reports that people over 75 who trip and fall are five times more likely to end up in a long-term healthcare facility than those ten years younger. In addition, women in this age group are more likely than men to break a hip in a fall.

To prevent falls, the CDC recommends that seniors make the effort to get some form of regular exercise. Activities that improve balance and leg strength, such as walking, tai chi or bicycle riding, can be particularly helpful at preventing falls according to the agency. Frequent vision exams are also important for seniors, and they should consult with their pharmacist to be sure their medications will not cause dizziness or loss of balance.

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