Georgia — According to, pedestrian deaths have risen dramatically in Georgia over the last two years. By contrast, metropolitan areas that have implemented New York City’s Vision Zero have demonstrated a remarkable decrease in pedestrian and bicyclist deaths. Meanwhile, the nation as a whole has observedthat pedestrian and cyclist deaths rose by 3 percent. These statistics show that NYC’s Vision Zero plan is working not only in New York but in the 18 other cities that have implemented the Vision Zero initiative.

The state of Georgia has seen pedestrian deaths rise in the last couple of years at a disturbing rate. reported that pedestrian deaths increased by 32 percent in Georgia from 2017 to 2018. In 2018, more than 130 pedestrians, which include bicycle riders, died in collisions with motor vehicles in Georgia. Nationally, that figure rose 3 percent.

While Georgia officials try to ascertain a solution for the extraordinarily high pedestrian death rate, other cities, with New York leading the way, have demonstrated methods to keep traffic moving while reducing the dangers pedestrians encounter on NYC streets.

Laws prohibiting distracted driving and speed enforcement help stem the tide of pedestrian deaths, Vision Zero goes far beyond. NYC’s Vision Zero plan included redesigning streets that statistically proved to be dangerous. Officials erected more stop lights, gave pedestrians exclusive crossing time at over 800 intersections, reduced speed limits, introduced wider biking lanes, and criminalized failing to yield to pedestrians when they have the right of way.

The plan has worked. Although NYC could not eliminate pedestrian deaths in 2018, the statistics do show that 2018 was the safest year for pedestrians since 1910. Furthermore, the number of pedestrian deaths declined by 22 percent in New York City since 2013. In total, 18 metropolitan areas across the U.S. have implemented their own version of Vision Zero.

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