UNITED STATES – According to an NPR article published on www.wbur.org, pedestrian deaths across the United States are at a 30-year high, with 6,227 reported pedestrian deaths in 2018 alone.

A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association sheds light on how and why so many passengers are suffering fatal injuries in accidents across the country. The report indicates that a large number of fatal pedestrian accidents happen in big cities like Miami and Houston. However, such accidents have plagued small and mid-size cities as well. In Macon, Georgia, for example, a city with a population of 110,000, one in every 8,000 residents died in a pedestrian accident in 2018. Georgia is one of five states (including Texas, Arizona, Florida, andCalifornia) that collectively reported more than half the country’s pedestrian fatalities in 2018.

Why So Many Fatal Pedestrian Accidents?

Distracted driving is without question a common cause of many traffic accidents, including pedestrian accidents. After all, people use cell phone data 4,000 percent more now than they did in 2008, and this goes for not only drivers but pedestrians as well. It is a common occurrence to see a person texting while driving or walking across the street while texting.

However, there are other reasons why pedestrian deaths may be on the rise. First, many roads do not have crosswalks that allow pedestrians to cross the street, leading many pedestrians to cross wherever they please. Second, many roads are constructed for rush hour traffic and often have very large intersections that make it difficult for pedestrians to walk across the street in a timely manner. Third, the influx of larger vehicles on the road also contributes to the increase in pedestrian deaths. Not only is visibility compromised in certain larger vehicles, but any impact between a larger vehicle and a pedestrian accident has the potential to be more dangerous than a collision involving a smaller vehicle.

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