To safely operate a motor vehicle, drivers must be fully engaged in the task. If a driver is not alert, they are at risk of causing a serious accident. The most dangerous types of drivers are those who are not or cannot focus on the road ahead. Some of the most hazardous types of drivers include the following:

Drunk Drivers

Being intoxicated is perhaps the most dangerous condition to be in while driving. Drunk drivers are not just at risk of receiving a DUI, they jeopardize their own lives and the lives of those around them. Alcohol impacts the driver’s ability to focus and inhibits motor skills, making drunk drivers prone to speeding, tailgating, and not stopping in time to avoid obstacles ahead. Plan ahead if you intend to drink and engage a designated driver or call a taxi. It is never worth it to drive drunk.

Drowsy Drivers

Overtired drivers actually suffer from the same impairments as drunk drivers. Being sleepy limits a driver’s ability to pay attention to the road and react to stimuli in a timely manner. This inability to focus makes tired drivers more likely to be involved in serious accidents. In fact, studies have shown that extreme fatigue is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Drowsy driving can be harder to detect and prevent as there is no test for tired driving like there is for drunk driving. Drivers need to assess their mental state before setting off and determine whether they can operate a motor vehicle with the focus required to do so in a safe manner. If you find yourself driving fatigued, pull over and get a coffee, stretch your legs, take in some fresh air, and be sure you are alert before continuing. Accident victims should always consider the possibility that the driver responsible for their accident was overtired.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers pose a tremendous hazard to themselves and other road users. Drivers who allow distractions to pull their attention away from the road will not be able to react in time to obstacles and could even entirely veer off the road or into pedestrians. Texting drivers are among the most dangerous of all as they allow their cell phone to pull their eyes, hands, and attention away from the road. Drivers who talk on the phone, eat while driving, put on makeup, play with the GPS or radio, and engage in like distracting activities can also cause serious accidents. To avoid becoming a dangerous distracted driver, always focus on the road and stow any distractions until you reach your destination.

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