Many cities in Georgia are becoming more walking friendly, bringing larger numbers of people out to walk to work, take a stroll shopping, or get some outdoor exercise. Unfortunately, however, the number of Georgia pedestrian accidents is also on the rise. What events contribute to pedestrian accidents in Georgia?

Some common reasons that pedestrian collisions happen in Georgia include:

Distracted driving. Distracted driving is a large factor in injury-causing and deadly pedestrian accidents. Drivers who are looking down at their phones or fidgeting with items in their cars are far more likely to miss a pedestrian walking by them. Pedestrians already have a low profile on the road, and drivers who are not paying attention can easily cause a tragic accident.

Drunk driving. Drunk driving is another major reason for pedestrian accidents in Georgia. When drivers’ abilities are impaired, pedestrians are in danger. Drunk drivers might miss red lights, swerve into the shoulder or up onto a curb, or fail to see a pedestrian due to blurred vision.

Malfunctioning lights and signals. Malfunctioning traffic lights and crossing signals can also contribute to pedestrian collisions. Everyone on the road relies on traffic signals to stay safe, and pedestrians especially should be able to trust that all lights and signals will be working. If drivers are confused about the right-of-way, pedestrians are at risk of sustaining injuries.

Traffic violations. Other types of traffic violations can lead to pedestrian accidents, as well. Some of these include illegal U-turns, speeding, reckless driving, running red lights, and failing to stop at stop signs, among others. Obeying the traffic laws in Georgia will always help keep pedestrians safer.

Pedestrians involved in traffic accidents and families affected by pedestrian accidents should consider contacting a Georgia personal injury lawyer to discuss their cases and the potential for injury compensation.

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